Why SMBs Are Unable to Leverage Digital Marketing?

Leverage Digital Marketing


It is very unfortunate that our emerging entrepreneurs are unable to grab or leverage digital marketing on the other hand large scale businesses doing really good in digital marketing.

Having said this, I would like to share an example of a successful digital marketing campaign of Volkswagen. In 2010 Volkswagen used Linkedin official page to promote their brand and it was proven as an effective digital marketing campaign through social media for promoting the brand.

Why small and medium businesses are not able to leverage the digital marketing?

  •  I think before going further let’s just accept the fact as it flies in the face of logic. After all small and medium businesses are run by owners; therefore it is well known to us that owner can achieve entrepreneurial returns rather than managerial bonuses, so incentive is high. 
  • Another factor is small and medium businesses have very limited relationship with the customers or limited footprints in the market and lack of human expertise as well.

Why most small businesses are run by leaders committed to a single narrow success formula?

  • Most of them are wedded to their core ideology, based on personal history, and unwilling to adopt until the business completely fails. 
  • They always tend to avoid adopting technology and innovations as long as their business allows them and the reason is their rigidness, not being dynamic in response to changing market conditions and trends also these entrepreneurs are not having that in-house expertise and apparently this is not the driving force for SMBs to have a in-house expertise for digital marketing because the cost is very high. 

Therefore for those small and medium businesses who are not able to grab the opportunities by leveraging digital marketing, there is a solution available they can leverage the others human expertise with a very economical and result oriented expertise in digital marketing and let it be the reason of their steadfast business growth.


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