Best Alternative to MailChimp 

In this article you will find some of the very important features that EmailPush (Product of Sales-Push) has over MailChimp, which will indeed trigger you to think why you have been missing out of the features which you could have grabbed long back. 

To be the Number one is not a cup of tea. Everyone says they are no.1 but the actuality differs from it very much. We at proudly accept that we are the number one email service provider in India in terms of quality features and deliverability.
There are a lot of features which can’t provide anyone at this reasonable rate, I challenge. We provide a wide range of real time list segmentation option.

  • Our segmentation capability is much wider as compare to any other email marketing services.
  • We provide a wide range of IP (over 5000) with IP score of (95/100).
  • Our 70% cost goes to maintain our IP reputation.
  • We offers charge only on active subscriber i.e. you will save your extra penny.
  • We are economical and give full freedom to our clients.
  • At this reasonable cost we and only we promise for unlimited campaigning with the Number of subscribers.
  • Our India based support makes us unique in services for Indian as well as for oversees’ customers.
  • Quick and telephonic service and problem solving capability are our key areas.
  • We provide dedicated IP to our Clients at very reasonable cost.
  • Very few service providers provide a lot of content hosting. (< 50 MB) 

1.       Analyse Broken Link:
Sales-Push enables you to analyse broken links and take the corrective actions, whereas with MailChimp you aren’t able to enjoy this feature.

2.       Check Content Quality Score: 
We at Sales-Push believe content of your email is the reason behind your audience going for “Call for Action” button. Therefore, we provide a feature called “Check Message Quality Score” which enable you to check your content’s quality to avoid your emails landing to the spam compare to MailChimp where you can’t check the quality of your email’s content. 

3.       Deliverability: 
Our delivery is much similar to Mailchimp but in terms of functionality and other features we are much ahead of Mailchimp.

4.       Unlimited Email Sending:
Since it’s one of our uniqueness that we give full freedom to our clients, therefore, with Sales-Push there is no upper cap of sending out emails to your audience, you opt for any subscription plan you will be given full freedom to send unlimited emails to your subscribers comparing with MailChimp which allows you to send unlimited emails up to 50k subscribers account which clearly means if you have 50k plus email marketing list you are unlikely to enjoy this freedom ( feature ).  

5.       Advanced Search Segmentation:
As far as “Advanced Search Segmentation is concerned” then Sales-Push is the one will fetch you this feature whereas with MailChimp you can’t enjoy this feature. 

6.         Customer Engagement Score:
Getting customers on board is the reason you put your whole focus on email campaigns so it’s very essential to check customers engagement score, therefore, with EmailPush (product of Sales-Push) you will be able to have this feature whereas with MailChimp you will not enjoy this feature. 

7.       Free Plan: 
With Sales-Push you will be allowed to enjoy free plan that is you can send out 10k emails to 2500 subscribers which we believe one of the essential thing for you to check our platform’s quality and credibility comparing with MailChimp you aren’t going to have any trial/free account to check the quality and credibility.

8.       Free Image Hosting:
With Sales-Push you will be allowed up to 50MB free image hosting compare to MailChimp which allows only 0.5MB free image hosting.

9.       Allowed Users:
With Sales-Push you will be given the liberty for 3 users account to use the platform/software compare to Mailchimp where you are allowed for only 1 user account. 

10.   You Pay For: 
With Sales-Push you will be able to utilize your financial resources optimally as here you don’t need to pay for your inactive subscribers, you just pay for your active subscribers comparing with MailChimp where you will have to pay for your both active and inactive subscribers. 

Below are the features which Sales-Push has over MailChimp: 

Hope above mentioned features have given you plenty of reasons “Why you should Choose Sales-Push over MailChimp”.


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