Why Send Better Emails when we can Send Awesome Emails

Advance Email


Chimps are smart but they look so ugly! How about going ahead Smarter while looking beautiful?

Advanced Segmentation:

Advance segmentation helps you get better open rates and click rates. By narrowing down your subscriber’s list into targeted groups. This will enable you to do personalized email marketing. Hence, one the way to turn better email marketing into an awesome email marketing.

Personalized Email Marketing:

Many reports have actually shown the results that personalized in promotional emails gets you-

  • 29% unique open rates
  • For triggered email campaigns, personalization resulted in double the transaction rates compared to non-personalized triggered emails.

Hence, if the email marketing is personalized that where you are doing a real email marketing!

Real-Time Reporting & CRM:

Seeing live delivery of your sent emails to your audience enables you to take instant action like triggered follow-up emails, etc. This will enhance the possibility of conversion by over 45%. This way email marketing fetches ROI which no other tool of digital marketing can get.

Advanced Automation:

Automated features in an email marketing platform are like delicious topping over chocolate cake. Automation features like Advanced Email Automation (Send targeted, timely and customized campaigns to subscribers based on triggered actions such as clicks, replies and sign-ups), Triggered Workflows (Campaigner email automation triggers campaigns based on specified times and dates, form submissions, API calls, attribute value changes, and actions on previously sent emails), Form Submission (Workflows allows the selection of specific types of form submissions (or non-submissions) to act as response triggers for follow-up campaigns)


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