Why Selling Online is difficult and Complex than Traditional Selling

Selling Online


Most marketers take online sales, just addressing the fundamentals feels pretty much like building an Airbus A380 without a blueprint. And speaking of blueprints, it’s just as ridiculous to try and implement digital selling systems without a blueprint as it would be to attempt to build that Airbus without one. Hence, that’s the biggest reason behind most of the businesses failing in generating sales via online practices.

Accept it; using Digital marketing to generate sales is very complex and tricky. There are so many strategies, so many tools enough to confuse the marketers.

You have been thinking all the time –

  • How to start Social Media Marketing?
  • How to do Content Marketing?
  • What about Linkedin Marketing? 
  • How to measure RoI?
  • Should I focus on inbound activities or outbound?
  • …..and there are many more.

Let’s Share you Some Facts Behind the Inefficiency of most of the Businesses in Generating Sales via Online Practices:

  • 64% of CMOs have no formal process to manage their Digital Marketing. (Fathom, 2014).
  • While 78 percent of respondents regionally reported increasing their digital budgets in the past 12 months, getting the right level of investment and skillset remained a significant challenge for those surveyed. (CMO).
  • 55% of respondents said the lack of appropriate talent and skills was hindering their ability to build in-house and virtual digital marketing teams, followed by budget limitations (42 %) and identifying the right technologies and tools required to take the next step (40%).

As per these facts, it’s pretty clear that it’s the right skill sets which are the only thing required for generating online sales effectively. 

In today’s connected world, due to high internet users and people getting more dependent on virtual things, traditional selling has been losing its grip over the market as the folks are getting more and more dependent on getting the things done over the net. As a matter of fact “why wouldn’t they, it saves their time, traveling expense, and saves a couple of things more depending upon person to person”

Therefore, it’s the high time for marketers, if you are lacking behind because you aren’t able to leverage or not having the team with right skill sets then there are a hell lot of options which could allow you to leverage the expertise of the experts.

Remedial Action to this Problem – Sales As a Service ( SaaS ) 

As it is crystal clear, in order to bring the effectiveness out of digital marketing efforts, you got to leverage the expertise of the online/digital sales and marketing professionals. There is a unique service called “Sales As a Service” ( SaaS ) is out. SaaS solves business’s biggest problem and that is enhancing sales via in-depth online sales and marketing practices done by high experts in digital sales and marketing.

Sales-Push.com ( Digital Marketing Solution Provider ), claims about SaaS :

  • Solves your biggest problem: Sales Generation.
  • Take the responsibility for generating online sales, end-to-end.
  • Manages your entire online sales activities. 

Advantages of SaaS:

  • Free from managing big teams and monitoring performance individually.
  • Cost Effective – you could save a lot of money with SaaS than the in-house team. The investment which you will do with SaaS will be way lesser than the cost of the in-house team. 
  • No focus would be required on retaining employees.
  • Highly professionals and experts going to generate sales for you.  
Hence, smartness is what steps have you taken to get most out of the minimum investment.


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