Why Indian SMEs Should Opt Email Marketing

Indian SMEs

According to the research, the number of internet users in India is about 450-465 million approx.

There is constant a need to reach out to prospective as well as existing clients. You need a strong marketing strategy to meet out the competition and to ensure business growth. Any marketing plan must be prepared taking many factors into consideration like industry type, the marketing budget of the company, target audience, etc. you must prepare a marketing plan that suits your core business and generates revenue.

The choice of marketing tools varies persons to persons. Like some choose print media and some electronic media.

With such a huge internet-savvy population, there is an immense opportunity in Email Marketing for Indian SMEs to engage its targeted audience and gain from it.

Email marketing or bulk emailing is one of the marketing tools that has actively used by companies. Email has been a powerful tool for SMEs. These businesses don’t have huge marketing budgets, enough manpower, but they have a similar requirement for measurable and cost-effective communication method with customers. `

Mass outreach is the most important aspect of email marketing campaign, however, this is not the only advantage email marketing has to offer. We have listed here some of the key benefits that good email marketing campaigns can deliver to an Indian audience.

Targeted Campaign: Reaching out to the targeted audience should be one of the foremost objectives of any marketing strategy, if not targeted properly can ruin the whole marketing plan. With email marketing campaigns the chances of right targeting are the highest because mailing lists include an opt-in mailing address. With email marketing software like Sales-Push, you can make advance segmentation of your mailing list according to factors such as demographics, location, behavior, custom fields, tags, etc. So that you can pinpoint the exact contacts you want to reach.

Highly Cost Effective: For a small business, the cost is a major consideration especially in India, where people want to utilize maximum at minimum cost. No other marketing tool works better than email marketing campaign because it doesn’t cost anything to send thousands of emails at once, right? No cost of postage, print, paper, ink, handling, shipping, etc. Just launch your email campaign under the supervision of a bulk email service provider.

More Traceable: With email marketing campaign SMEs does not require to invest in any other software to track its campaign result. Google analytics integration helps marketers to see how their email campaign is performing, like whether users received and opened email messages, clicked the embedded links, etc.

Higher Noticeable: There is no surety that marketing campaign on television, radio, newspaper grab your audience’s attention, how high are the chances that your message gets noticed and remembered by your prospects? There are chances that people may or may not notice an advertisement on TV, radio or newspaper but they will surely go through their emails maybe not immediately but lately, they will check the delivered email. 

More testable: It’s easy to test a marketing campaign on a small group of prospect in an email marketing campaign before the main campaign gets started. In Sale-Push there is one feature “A/B or Split Testing” in which marketers can make two campaign with some variance and can send them to a small group of people to test which campaign gets a higher positive response. A campaign which gets a higher response will be sent to the remaining prospect. This testing can’t be done in any other form of marketing.

Email marketing is the best & effective way to communicate with the targeted audience, whether to promote a product, to launch a new product or add-on feature on existing product/ service etc.

When it comes to suggesting some of the best email service provider in India, Sale-Push.com deserves a mention. It is the most reliable and effective email marketing service provider with real-time support.


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