Why Email Verification is Important?


Well, it takes a lot of time and creativity for crafting your email design. It involves creation of templates, writing the content and adding specific images and using perfect call-to-action buttons. But what if you do not verify your email list? I mean just imagine you spend whole week for crafting an email and clicked the “Send” button confidently as you expect the best response and high leads from this campaign. But unfortunately, you found yourself in blacklist after sending. Why?

Because you missed one step before clicking on the “Send” button. To verify the email contacts. Email verification is a must for a business as well as for personal use at home. Always use double opt-in subscription in your marketing campaign emails and on your website. This is the primary step to rectify your mail list of subscribers.

What is Email Verification?

It is a very popular method which is almost used by everyone who have an email account. In this method, a message is sent to the user when a particular comment or subscription is made on a website. This message consists of a link which has to be clicked by the user as the confirmation the email account. This entire process is called the email verification and this helps in the security of your email contact list.

Why Email Verification is Important?

Well, it obviously helps you to make your email marketing campaign run successfully. But How?
Here I am sharing few ways which clearly signifies the importance of Email Verification.

Read on…

     1.  Sender Reputation

Undeliverable emails affect your sender reputation badly. If you do not have verified accounts, then your emails may get bounce back or go in spam. This will ultimately low down your sender reputation which can be a threat for your next campaign. A poor sender reputation can cause your emails to be blocked or even worse at certain level, your site can be blacklisted.

      2.  Increases sales

Well if all your contacts gets verified, then you have your emails on the right people’s inbox on the first try and you have much higher probability on making sales. There is a loss of opportunity, if your email does not gets delivered to the customer’s inbox.

     3.  No “Spammy” vibes
Once your email contacts gets verified, you get your list validated. Therefore you gain a sense of confidence, all spammy vibes are lost within yourself. You are confident enough that you have a relevant contact list.

     4.   Quality List

By quality list, I meant the verified and non spammy contacts. Email verification is one of the things that makes email marketing such a powerful marketing channel because people have the ability to raise their hand and say they are actually interested in learning more about your business and the products and services you offer.

Can you catch up with any other reason why email verification is important?
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