What is the best time to send Email Marketing Campaigns?

Statistics prove these are the best time to send email marketing campaign

Email marketing

Every company wants to take advantage of a marketing automation tool. Email marketing is a cost-effective tool to connect with the potential consumer, and making it possible to maintain a direct line of communication with prospective customers and potential leads.

Email marketing is a tool every company wants to take advantage of.

However, there is always a right time to perform every activity and the same thing applies to email marketing. Marketers shouldn’t just write up an email and send it out at any time. Before clicking send button marketers must strategies all the aspect regarding email marketing and sending of emails like what should be a content, its design, number of people to send emails, at what time to send, etc,.

The success of email doesn’t only depend on its content but also at what time you are sending. Just like posting to social media and publishing blogs, there are times where sent emails receive better click-through rate, open rates, and higher conversion numbers. So before sending out an email, the marketing manager must understand what times are statistically proven to be best for sending emails or for email marketing.

When Most of the Emails Are Sent Out?

According to a CoSchedule (2017),  report approx 16% of emails are sent out on Thursdays. There is a decline in percentage at the beginning of the week. On Tuesday 14.3% of emails are sent out, while on Monday 14.1% of emails are sent out. The weekend experiences the largest downfall regarding the percentage of emails sent, just 12% of emails are sent out on Saturday, while on Sunday the number decline to 11% this drop off is because fewer recipients are around to open email over the weekend.

Tuesday Magic

According to CoSchedule, Tuesday is the best day to send out emails. For companies that send multiple emails in a week, sending out the first email on Tuesday followed by Thursday and then Wednesday is advisable. Several studies suggest that one should send out an email on Sunday evening so that the content is there for recipients on Monday morning.

Are you wondering what makes Tuesday better than other days of the week? According to a report, Tuesday receives the most open rate because, on Monday, most workers spend time catching last weekend work so they don’t pay much attention to email unless and until it’s really important, hence Tuesday is the best time to check out the emails.


Does the Content Impact When to Send

One of the important questions most of the marketers have is whether or not content is one of the deciding factors of when to send emails. The answer to this is yes, it is one of the deciding factors.

According to a research different content will experience a different open rate like business related content opens better during the weekdays while informal and fun related content will have a good open rate on weekend. This is because the recipients can spend more time on informal content on weekends.

Best time of the day to Email

Just like the best day of the week, there is the best time during the day to send out an email. According to the report, the 10 am slot is the best for sending out messages. It receives good open rate, it is so because by this time a recipient has gone through all of the messages and the 10 am message will land without much competition.

After 10 am the best time to send an email is 8 pm. As per the report, this time period receives the second most number of views from recipients because many users check their emails before going to bed.

In the third place which receives the third most number of views is 2 pm. After lunch workers tend to wind down and want to check out of the work mode and they start looking for a distraction. In some organization social media accounts are blocked on work computer hence email becomes a primary source of entertainment. So checking emails at this time it becomes much more likely.

After this 6 am is considered as a good slot because 50% of workers check emails early in the morning at their bed, generally, people have generated this habit of checking emails, social media account from their bed. This is one of the reasons why email marketing formatted mobile friendly.  


Email marketing is a must for any business to achieve success. It allows companies to connect with their audience directly or reach out to prospective clients. Along with other factors marketers must also consider what day and time they should send email in order to increase click-through rate and open rate.