What B2B Marketers Should Learn from B2C Marketers

B2B Marketers

B2C Marketing means business to consumers where purchasing and selling are involved between individual and e-commerce while B2B means business to business selling and purchasing. As the definition signifies, there is a difference among the two marketing trends. Well, there are certain key strategies and tactics that B2B marketers follow to attract consumers and convert their consumers’ interests in their sales. For marketers who have only promoted and sold directly to other businesses can be difficult at times. B2B marketers can fail by not keeping in mind the business prospects. That is why I am sharing a few tactics and strategies that can be learned by B2C marketers.

They need to know what is working in the space and put it into practice immediately so they can understand their clients business concerns more than anyone else. Lets us have a look, how it can be done:

  • Emotional Engagement

Getting in touch with your clients is very important for the growth in your business. It is good to focus on the product and it features but it is also important to look after the emotional bonding and engagements. B2C marketers keep deep understanding of the customers and their interests. People buy Audi more because they feel more confident or accomplished. They don’t buy Audi because of the features listed on the price tag. In fact, when you sell on features, buyers are typically more price sensitive. B2B marketers need to remind people about key benefits related to most B2B services such as stress reduction, clarity, focus, time savings, more time with family etc.  B2B marketing is about building and maintaining a long-term relationship where there can multiple purchases over many years.


  • More targeted approach

With B2C marketing, they know what kind of customers they deal with and what kind of products they are interested in details. For example, if a consumer particularly browses for Fastrack watch then know that individual is particularly interested in watches that too in Fastrack brand. This is a more targeted approach. Similarly, B2B marketers lookout for a more targeted approach. B2C companies have gone beyond their own customer databases to study social media and broader spending behaviors.B2C companies have gone beyond their own customer databases to study social media and broader spending behaviors. Try to opt for the similar approach.


  • Traditional Marketing still works

B2C highly focuses on advertising like TV Ads or FM, direct mails, and other branding tools. It is a myth that these advertising trends are not beneficial for B2B Marketers. if focused and targeted properly, then these do have effects on B2B marketing for increasing growth. In fact, there are many stories about commercial real estates who has got many leads through television advertisements. Go where your competition is not. B2C has not given up on traditional advertising channels, why should you.


  • Marketing the best results with clients

B2C marketers always highlight the best product which has the highest sales. Like Amazon sold 10 lakh Nike shoes and received overwhelming reviews on it. And thus Amazon marketed and promoted that product more with the use of traditional marketing and by sharing the customer’s experience with others. This ultimately increased their sales with huge profit.
B2C marketers should also follow this trend, and start marketing the experience of their best clients with them to other customers as well.

Do you think there are more ways that B2B Marketers can learn from B2C Marketers?
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