Welcome Spring with Invigorating Ways of Email Marketing Campaigns

Email Campaign
Since the coming springs going to be fresh, so we have come up with 7 fresh ways that will help you start invigorated and grow your business with effective and efficient Email Marketing Campaigns. It’s time marketers! To put in more energy and strength in your overall strategy, after the long winter months and set the new targets to hit.

1. Start with spring cleaning by segmenting your list and sending reactivation campaigns:


Reactivation emails with the words like “Miss you” in their subject line achieved 13% read rate.
After finish line switched from simple segmentation to intelligent automation and targeted segmentation, they deserved a 50% increase in email revenue for trigger-based programs.

2. Plan a garage sale that will make room for a new arrival:


Win-back emails with & off in subject lines were nearly twice as effective as emails with % off discounts.

3. Choose some nice spring COLORS for your email templates:


According to the study impact of color on marked 62% to 90% of snap judgments about products are made based on color alone.

4. Incorporate existing visual elements:


Vega, a health and nutrition company launched an educational email program.
The first message doubled the average performance; with a 66% open rate and a click-through rate of 35%.
The second email achieved an open rate of 53% and a click-through ratio of 28%.

5. Plan an engaging drip campaign:


55% of marketers who used videos in an email reported higher click-through rate.
44% noticed an increase in the number of time subscribers spent reading an email.
41% reported an increase in the sharing or following of details.

6. Rewarded your subscribers’ loyalty:


27% of people who read emails from companies do so because they like the brand and want to support the company.

7. Spread Joy:


10% of a person’s happiness comes from external circumstances – good things that happen to them. Your email could be one of those good things.

Hence, above are the facts which you being a marketer should be following in order to bring high results for your business in this coming spring.


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