The Smartest Way SMEs Leveraging Digital Marketing

SMEs Leveraging Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing is now the part of every industry and is being used for different kind of promotions. Then what is the reason some companies are gaining profit whereas it is vise versa with most of the SMEs

Let’s come to the main point: The use of Digital marketing does not matters but the things that really matters is how you are leveraging this. SME’s are writing their success story on how effectively they leveraged digital marketing.

To know something is easy but after knowing to apply it in an effective way is not easy. Small to medium size business has a focus point is to reach the larger audience, for that purpose it is very valuable to know the real power of the internet and effective digital marketing use.

Factors behind SMEs taking the advantage of this great opportunity and creating a competitive environment for others with the proper use of Online marketing as follows:

1. Search: There are two ways to drive search traffic to your website:

  • Organic search that is also called natural
  • Paid search (also called as PPC that is pay-per-click)

A website is the identity of your business. Traffic is generated on your website only through searches. There are many search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing etc. but most commonly used, Google.

Organic search mainly determined by Google’s algorithms. These algorithms are influenced by a number of factors. The most important is the keyword search for which you are looking for. So we just try to think according to customers when we are selecting the content of our website. What key words a customer can use at the time of search for your product or service. Use maximum relevant word related to your business so that it could be fetched easily.

Paid search which is also called, PPC or pay per click. These searches usually come on the top or at the bottom of Google search pages and linked with the title Ad, which shows these are paid search. This position is totally based on the auction system done by Google but other factors also matter. Keyword competition (Low, Medium, High), bid price, quality of a website and many more. It always varies from time to time. Ambitious SME’s are always updated with this information.

2 – The technical view of your website

If traffic is coming to your website but your website is not properly optimized from a technical point of view then it is of no use because it will not provide the positive experience to your visitors. Website traffic can feel bad experience through.

  • If the loading time of your website is high, so slow loading of the pages.
  • If it is not user-friendly and difficult to navigate.
  • If the content is not proper, with low quality and also duplicity is in content.
  • If a website is not responsive to not being displayed properly on different mobile devices.

SME’s are paying the great attention to these issues because just their presence on the online medium through their website is not sufficient but proper maintenance is also matters. Content and image should be properly optimized, load size should be less. Content must not be duplicated and should be relevant to your industry and your customers. The website should always be mobile friendly because the current scenario is mobile with the power of the mobile phone.

3 – The content on your website

Content plays a vital role in ranking as well as in lead generation. We know that in the market there are a lot of competitors, who are competing for the same kind of product. A customer before buying something always check online and collect all the information related to product or service. During the time of the search, he uses relevant keywords. If we are not using that keywords in our website then how our website is going to fetch and if we are not coming in the first page of search then who is going to scroll in next page. So we must focus on the content of a website. SME’s are making their website SEO friendly and relevant to their industry and target audience.

4– Maintain Links from other relevant websites to yours

Marinating links from other relevant website plays a very important role in Google ranking and also help in lead generation. There are other options that are good for SEO point of view. Backlinking, interlinking, which helps in improve ranking as well as lead generation. But sometimes these kinds of linking are effective and sometimes not. So we always check the current Google updates related with SEO because it changes time to time. We should always try to maintain our website link with other websites, whose rank is good because then only it’s going to fetch. This thing requires knowledge and experience. Ambitious SME’s are investing their time to improve their website ranking by maintaining a link with other good reputation websites.


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