Understanding Your Traffic Sources


If you are running a Small-Medium Business, or if you are an online marketer then you must be aware of Google Analytics. We all know Google Analytics is free to use tool and is used by mostly every other company to track their website traffic and traffic sources. I have already written a blog on basic metrics that is used in Google Analytics and every marketer must be knowing about it. In case you have not gone through it, then please read 7-key-metrics-you-must-know-in-google-analytics.html

Well, we all use Google Analytics but do you know from where this traffic come from??

Here I am sharing few sources that are useful to analyze from where your traffic is coming from.

 1.  Organic Traffic

This term is used to refer to the visitors that land on your website without any paid search results which is called organic search. For example: Googling Keywords
It is simply opposite to paid traffic which is generated by paid ads. Organic visitors are more likely to use search engines like Google, Bing etc.

 2.  Social Traffic

This traffic refers to the total visits from social referrals. This shows the effectiveness of social media campaigns at generating website traffic and conversions. One of the most important ways to measure traffic from your social media campaigns is social traffic.

 3.  Direct Traffic

This traffic refers to the visitors who directly visits to your website. By directly visiting, I meant that the visitor typed url of your website with domain name. It does not include any referral link. It may also include visitors who had bookmarked your website.

4.  Referral Traffic

This traffic refers to the traffic that comes from an indirect source, despite of using any search engine. When someone clicks on a hyperlink to go to a new page on a different website, analytics tracks the click as a referral visit to the second site.

5.  Email Traffic

This is the traffic that is basically generated from the emails you have sent. It may include the clicks from your email marketing campaigns that you have run and sent to your subscribers in your email list.

6.  Paid Traffic

It includes traffic from paid searches which includes Google Adwords or PPC(Pay-Per-Click) or any other paid services. It is totally opposite to organic traffic which does not require any amount to be spent.

7.  Other

This consists of other miscellaneous sources of traffic which sometimes can be tracked and sometimes cannot be tracked. The sources which doesn’t meet any of the above criteria comes under this category.

To have a look of these sources in Google Analytics, open your Dashboard>>Reporting>>Acquisition>>All Traffic>>Channels.

Over To You:

I hope you find this blog useful. If you know more about traffic sources, then kindly share your views on the comment section below.


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