Top Tools for Creating Winning Landing Pages

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Is your landing page appealing? What strategies you follow to make your landing page more appealing and result-oriented?According to research, 55% of companies get an increase in leads as they increase their landing pages. Companies with 40+ landing pages get 12 times more lead. So you can imagine how important landing pages are. The general conversion rates are 1%. However, landing pages help top 25% companies score an average conversion rate of 5.31% or higher. 80% of all traffic goes to the top 10% of landing pages.

All these figures clearly say that Yes! You definitely need a landing page strategy. Fortunately, there are many online tools that are available on the web to help starting creating winning landing pages that convert.

Let us have a look.!

1.  Unbounce

The Unbounce Landing Page Builder empowers every member of your team to rapidly build high converting landing pages. The Unbounce content delivery network (CDN) allows your landing pages to load quickly and perform well no matter where users are located. All Unbounce landing pages display an HTTPS URL and green padlock in the address bar, assuring visitors your data comes from a secure source. You can publish Unbounce landing pages to any domain/URL — i.e. The Unbounce infrastructure is designed to protect your data, keep your landing pages fast, and ensure your campaigns never go offline. It also has a 30-day free trial plan.

2.  Prefinery

Prefinery wizard-style designer allows you to create a beta opt-in form with no technical knowledge or HTML skills. This wizard-style designer allows you to create a beta opt-in form with no technical knowledge or HTML skills. All copy is completely customizable and can be written in the language your audience speaks. Plus, custom CSS lets you match your site’s branding. As easy as copy/paste. The form can be configured to pop up when a call to action is clicked or embedded directly on a page. It has integration with WordPress, Instapage, Lander, Pagewiz, Squarespace, Unbounce, Weebly, Wix, and more awesome landing page services. Everything in Prefinery can be customized. From language to design.

3.  Convertifire

Convertifire is an all-in-one feedback tool Including Heatmaps & Behavioral Recordings, Feedback Polls & Surveys, Conversion Funnels & Form Analysis and loads more. It Ethically spies on website visitors & customers with heatmaps and behavioral recordings. You’ll discover broken parts, and uncover profitable patterns, you’ll instantly know where to put your best call to action, buy buttons, and forms. Moreover, Convertifire works on any platform and records everything on desktops, tablets, and phones.

4.  Launchrock

Launchrock is part of the world’s largest startup launch platform, Launchrock is more than just an industry-leading site builder dedicated to early customer acquisition and audience growth. LaunchRock pages help incentivize and reward users for telling others about your project through email & their social networks via our built-in sharing tools.
It helps you understand your potential customers and allows you to see useful information on user signups, site traffic, and demographics through the admin insights tab. It helps you begin building a relationship with the customers you acquire through email.

5.   PageWiz

Pagewiz was designed to let professional marketers, business owners, and affiliates launch landing page campaigns from scratch, within minutes, and easily optimize them. Once the campaign is running, A/B testing can be easily performed to maximize conversion. The point, click, hit the publish button, and you’re ready to go! Pagewiz lets you create several versions of your page, each one with its own frequency rate, and supplies you with real-time stats so that you can see which one converts most effectively.

6.  Instapage

Instapage is a brilliant landing page creation tool and comes with built-in A/B split testing features to boot, ensuring that you are delivering the best page to your visitors that equate to the most conversions.
There are over 70 professionally designed templates to choose from to help you build your landing page, all of which are fully customizable to ensure that you’re staying on-brand whilst at the same time pushing for conversions.
You can upload videos to the drag and drop interface and can make use of the social media widgets to help you promote your company on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

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