Top 10 Reasons You Need An Email Marketing Service – Part 2

Email Marketing Service

The good news is – you do not have to do it alone. There are Web-based email marketing services that are inexpensive and designed to make email marketing simple for the non-technical user. Here are the top ten reasons you need an email marketing service. Coincidentally, these are also the top ten critical email marketing benefits that you will never get by using your standard email account.

6. Create Great Looking Emails :
Some email marketing services provide professional HTML templates to make email creation easy by eliminating the need for any HTML skill. Templates are pre-formatted to help you organize your content. They include appropriate fonts, colors, and placeholders for graphics and company logos.
7.  Get Higher Email Deliverability  :
A good email marketing service maintains strong permission policies and has an active anti-blocking team working with ISPs on your behalf to ensure that your email is delivered. A service delivers your emails with proper protocols, develops relationships with ISPs and is whitelisted to be sure your permission-based email gets through the right side of the ISPs.
8. Deliver Measurable Results :
An email marketing service enables you to measure the response of each email campaign. Many services report the number of emails sent, opened, who opened, who clicked through and which links they clicked on. An important note: What you don’t know can hurt you. If you send your email from a standard email account and it generates spam complaints, you won’t know about them.
9. Include Frequent Updates and Enhancements :
Using an email marketing service guarantees that you will always have the most current tools available to meet the changing requirements of the industry without having additional updates to install – as required in the case of most purchased bulk email software.
10. Comply With Email Laws
As email marketing matures, so do the laws. An email marketing service will ensure that your email campaigns are compliant with legislation.


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