Tips to Use Email Autoresponders for Growth Hacking

Email Autoresponders

Autoresponder is an email or series of emails that are scheduled to go out automatically. It is the most important feature in automation and is must to have in email marketing. The only thing associated with this is, that you must have an email marketing platform from where you can perform autoresponders by scheduling your emails or email series.

What exactly is Email Autoresponder?

Autoresponders are scheduled emails or a series of emails that are sent to our subscribers over a specific period of time/days. You can create the scheduling days and time, like when you want an email after a sign-up or after how many days of sign up. You can create two types of autoresponders:

1) Time-based Autoresponders: The emails are sent to your contacts from the day the user opt-in to your subscriber list at the interval of time that has been set by you. You can set the email days like Day 1, 4, 8, 12 and 18. It also depends on the customers you are dealing with. Your first priority must be to know your customers.

2) Event-based Autoresponders: These are the action emails means they are sent when a user takes an action like clicking on the link or open the message or changes his personal information etc. It may also include events like birthdays, anniversaries or another special date.

Before beginning with the email marketing campaign, you may be working and focusing on email newsletters first. But that is is not enough for your successful email campaigns, you need to establish a long-term relationship between you and your customers. For that, you need an Email Autoresponder. Email Autoresponders are great for your sales, affiliate promotions, welcome emails or surveys.

I am sharing a few tips to use email autoresponders for growth hacking. Have a look:

  1.   Launch Series

For scheduling your emails, first, you need to launch a series that has to be sent to your subscribers. For making long-term relationships, you must be creative and understand your customers. Create a series which builds a long-term relationship with the customers.

2.  Schedule Welcome Emails

Educate your customers about your product and let them know about your brand. Create a beautiful email template by welcoming them to your email list. Say thanks to them for joining your email list. Whenever someone subscribes to your email list, this welcome email is sent as autoresponder. Help your audience to get to know you and trust you.

3.  Schedule Follow-Up Surveys to New Customers

Surveys on a timed auto-send after a purchase are a good way to get reviews and testimonials both. The reviews might be through your own system rather than a third party like Amazon or Yelp, but that’s okay. Testimonials and the information you get from the surveys are good enough.

4.  Schedule Upsells for New Customers

You need to analyze what type of customers are interested in which product. Now here autoresponders help a lot to induce your sales and promote your product. All you need to keep in mind is that do not offer an alternative or a duplicate item. Do not promote your out of stock items, it may disappoint your customers. Avoid offering something very personal or extreme.

5.  Create an ongoing content for new customers.

Keep updating your customers with the ongoing new launching products of your brand. This makes your customers aware of the products that you are dealing with. Or you can choose to send the latest news about your brand and company.

6.  Make your content personalized and simple

People want to believe that the information in your newsletter is just for them. Subscribers care about how you can help them personally. Starting a newsletter off with ‘Dear (name)’ is a lot more effective than ‘Dear newsletter subscriber.’ Also, make your content is simple and appealing.

Over To You:

If you have any other tips associated with email autoresponders, then put your views on the comment section below.


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