Tips For Creating Online Gifts To Increase Website Traffic

Increase Website Traffic


As festival season is around, this is the best time for marketers to increase their sales. One of the best ideas is to create online gifts or discount rates to entice customers for purchase. This also makes the festival season more exciting with growing business and effectively increases your website traffic.
Here are some actionable tips to fascinate your customers and increase holiday sales:

  1.  Choose a particular category

Select a specific category and be clear with the offers you are providing. The category helps you and your customers to distinct the offers and products which makes shopping easier.
For example:

  • Gifts below $20
  • Best gifts for him
  • Free gift hampers

  2.  Highlight multiple times

Do not embed all of your offers in one place only. Taste the flavor of this festive season completely. Remember, you can create and send more offers day after day during the holiday season. This will ultimately increase your sales with website traffic as well.

  3.  Use Graphics

Do not sound boring by just creating and sending the text. Use precise graphics and visuals according to the festive season to entice your subscribers. Even your website must inculcate visual graphics.

  4.  Host the offers on your website, blog or email.

Your offers must be included everywhere like your website, blog, and emails. This makes your visitors more aware of the offers and works as reminders. But always remember, not to annoy your visitors.

  5.  Promote

Promote your offers on various sites and social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc. Ask your friends and colleagues to promote offers with social media, family & friends.

6.  Visible CTA(Click-To-Action Button)

Your website, blog, and email must have a clear CTA button. If you can not write a compelling call to action then you are likely to have an underperforming result. Be careful with the choice of words and placement of CTA Buttons.

Over To You:

Can you think of more tips for creating online gifts for this festival season?
Please share below in the comment section.


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