Time to Stop Sending Sales Email that Sucks


Email marketing is used as often as possible for any sort of sales promotion or informational purpose, as a result of this buyers inbox are over-loaded with these business messages or sales emails.

To slice through the commotion and separate yourself from various clutters in order to make your message or information stand out of the crowd of competition. So you have to do email blast with your best email.

What’s more, regardless of a business rep’s earnest attempts, wonderfully tweaked and customized messages often go unopened and unnoticed.
How to write
EMAIL, that generates result not un-subscriptions.

Before you start composing email first be prepared with gathered information.

  • Set-up your “Email Marketing platform Account”
  • Google search.
  • Do you blog? If yes, then the topic or point should be the one on which they really are ready to take action (i.e. likes, comment, if lucky share too).
  • Their presence in Social Channels with their new post and recent updates.
  • Visit company website, especially the about us page
  • But don’t give your recently gained bank of data a chance to end your preparation.

We actually need a reason to reach out to someone or motivation to connect with someone.

Keep and sustain connection

  • Check if there are any connecting links between you and your audience? It is safe to say that this is association is mutual? This association will help in set up credibility. 
  • Use a trigger event to influence your email introduction.
  • What are the most visited pages as of specific time frame? The responsible driving component or the watchword, which drove them to your site?

Personalized email discussion

  • Once we established context, we can leverage that data to begin a personalized email discussion.


To compose an effective sales emails we require five noteworthy parts:

Subject Line

  • Now use that context to write your email. Start with Subject Line.
  • Keep it short (Limit this within 50 words) and attracting. Also, recall, the objective is to arouse their interest, not to sound like a utilized auto sales representative.
  • Set a goal that’s not closing the deal, rather concentrate on getting a response.

For example

  • Thoughts about the title about their blog post.
  • Ideas important for their business.
  • Questions about recent trigger event.
  • Questions beneficial for their business.

What’s more, we ought to keep away from these “spammy” words no matter what.

Opening Line

  • Start writing the content inside your email.
  • What number of messages do you answer to that start with my name is… ..
  •  Begin off by saying something in regards to them not about you

For example

  • I liked your post on …
  • Congratulation
  • I read your blog

Tool to check open or click rate of email

Body copy

  • Your body copy should communicate your value by connecting you with your prospects.
  • Avoid generic value sentence like; we help name of industry like FMCG in generating leads, or we help in increasing ROI.

Try to ask these questions which could correlate your research results with your client goal.

  • Would you like to ask something?
  • Do you have any doubt in your mind?
  • What would you do if you were in my place?
  • Any suggestion from your end.


  • Your email signature should not be disruption.
  • Keep it short and simple, no need to scroll.
  • Always use plain black and white text.
  • Always leave your contact information and your website link.
  • Don’t copy and paste an image into the signature.

Perfect email template

  • Put the part of email together.
  • First  Name
  • Opening line about prospect
  • Questions about the prospect goal.
  • Signature.
“We experts at Sales-Push.com have been witnessing so many factors that affects the effective results out of email marketing be it a “Sales Approach” or “Informational”. We hope that the above glimpse of information will help you to be productive at your email marketing”.


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