The Do’s and Don’ts of Email Marketing Automation

Email Marketing Automation

What is Email Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation is the use of software platforms and technologies to automate marketing processes and repetitive tasks. Marketing automation narrows down the repetitive manual work processes and maintains your time utilization frequency. It includes customer management, customer segmentation, scheduling and tracking of campaigns. It can plan, manage, coordinate and measure all the marketing campaigns, both online and offline.

Getting your Email Marketing Automation done in a right way is not easy. It opens up for the opportunities you could not even dream for automation. But without knowing the exact knowledge, and proper techniques to follow it, achieving your goals can be hindersome.

So, how to strategize your email marketing automation?

In this Blog, I am sharing a few dos and don’ts for email marketing automation. People just getting started in automation and those who have already got engaged in it but are seeking to gain more knowledge must know the facts and steps that need to be followed in marketing automation.

Read on…


  • Personalize and Segment

As an email marketer, you must be aware of the fact how much personalization is effective for email marketing. Personalization gives an essence of acquaintanceship, which compels the recipients to open up the email. Using personalization in a subject line is also a good way to get your mail opened. With personalization in automated emails, segmentation is also important.
Segmentation is a process of dividing the whole data(customers) into different sub-groups based on some type of characteristic. You can segment your customers on the basis of the time zone, gender, choices, subscribers or non-subscribers. It can be with sending different emails to loyal customers or sending those who have some interest.

  • Genuine Sender

Make your sender name sound genuine. Although, it is not a must-to-have thing, sending with email ids like [email protected] sounds genuine. It gives an impact of genuineness and increases up to the open rate and click-through rate. Try to configure your email automation to send emails someone from your industry. Even if not possible for CEO or Director then also it can provide a feel that some human is there from high authority.

  • Selective newsletters

If you will select all the content in one go to all the subscribers then it may take you to large unsubscription list. Before sending the campaign, you must know your audience, know their choices. People having a liking in traveling or discount offer or some may not want any discount offer, just wants to enjoy reading. All this must be kept in mind before sending newsletters. Be selective according to the customers you are dealing with. If you don’t implement this you risk people either unsubscribing from all emails when they’d be fine with receiving some or being marked as spam. If one is bad, then other is worst.


  • Make the unsubscribe button hard to find

The unsubscribe process must be simple and the button must be easy to find. Otherwise, it can make your reader annoyed and can compel them to mark as spam or report abuse which can induce a huge loss in your marketing campaign. It’s not only because there are legal reasons why you can’t do certain things to make the unsubscribe process difficult.

  • Send without Testing

Before sending, you must test for the email you have created by sending on different devices to check the visibility and deliverability. There are certain software providers which grant this option, so make sure to utilize one. Webhook Testing, API Testing are intensively required.

  • Bombard

Do not send all the emails at one go or in one day. Opt for weekly newsletters or weekend newsletters or anything your customer would like. If you will bombard all the emails at one go, then you may end up annoying your customers with the frequency of your sending email. You customers might prefer to unsubscribe at such circumstances. Create a sending frequency according to the choice of your audience or create newsletters.


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