The 5 Important Trends in Email Marketing



As Email Marketing continues to evolve, recipients are now expecting more and more relevant content.  This is wonderful news that can lead to greater engagement and increased revenue.

Here’s are five of the important things in email that you’ll need to understand to reach the full potential of your email program:

  • Focus on user engagement:  If users opened and interacted with your emails in a positive way, they were presumed to be good email. The flip side of this, however, is that even legitimate brands with mail that customers signed up for could wind up in their spam folder from time to time if they haven’t consistently read it over time.
  • Transactional email is often an untapped revenue source: Transactional email is a common part of most businesses. These email messages are a touchpoint where you have a chance to impress or convert your recipient. Yet their message is often generated outside the marketing department.  This is a failed opportunity.
  • Security and brand protection are essential: DMARC is now one of the most prevalent and is a nearly full-proof way to detect if people are trying to send phishing emails that look like your brand. Getting that information quickly greatly increases your chances of stopping it.
  • Email is different than all other direct marketing channels: To keep your mail streams reaching your recipients you have to practice the Golden Rule: Treat every recipient the way you would like to be treated.
  • Real-time information is providing a basis for focused, unique email: With modern technology and social channels merging, real-time, relevant information is becoming the new normal. As a result, you need an email solution that is segmenting your email lists into the most focused segments as possible, providing specific and up-to-date content for each recipient.