Tactics For Using Social Media Beyond Marketing

Social Media Beyond Marketing


In this digital world, everybody is using Social Media. Social Media is an excellent platform to connect with others and maintain relationships. Social Media is on top for one to one communication and it is very difficult for any business to ignore it. How we can create a difference with our Social Media Marketing and create more opportunities for our business?

Our knowledge is of no use if we are doing the same things as others on Social Media. Social Media is a platform where more we will explore, the more we will learn and more we will gain the opportunity. The important thing to be remembered, whatever we are doing on Social Media, should be mobile friendly.

So let us discuss the tactics for using Social Media beyond Marketing:

1)- Be The Active User Of All Social Media PlatformsYou should be an active user of all social media platforms, to give your response and feedback on time. What your customer likes, on what they comment, it’s very important for you to know. For example, if your business is related with a product, then on based of your customer comments you can make the improvement on time and if your business is related with service industry then based on your customer feedback you can improve that. So your Customer works as real diamonds in your improvement process and it is just because of social media.

2)- Use Maximum Platforms Of Social Media Channels

There are different Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, google+, Instagram, Pinterest and many more. But people have a common tenancy they just follow others for example if their competitor is using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, then they will also use the same platform. Change this habit and think beyond this. Use the maximum numbers of the platform to show your online visibility, give your customer different platforms to reach you. So let the opportunity reach at your doors from a different Social Media platform.

3)- Make Your Content Evergreen And Give It Maximum Reach

Social Media is all around your content. So be choosy for your content, try to know the taste of your customer because your content is the first touch point for the customers to interact with you. Content has high potential ability to give your customer a memorable experience and in creating a strong network. Social Media is the right place to give your content more life with new ideas on the same old piece of content. Try to fill the content gap with older content with a proper link. There should be a high spread of your Content to give it maximum reach.

4)- Maximum Exploration Of Social Media

You must have the complete knowledge of Social Media so that you can better explore and effectively utilize this platform. Make your social media platform relevant to your business. Make your connection with them, who are relevant to your business category. You can create different groups of selected members based on different category. There are many members from different cities and even from different countries related to the same industry and posts are made viral with the help of these groups because of high connection. We create groups on Facebook and LinkedIn, tagging on LinkedIn, create a list on Twitter, use the advanced search function on Twitter and many more. So Explore it to grasp more opportunity.

5)- Employees Are Big Factors To Advocate Your Business

Your Business employee can make a great effort to promote your business online, How? I give you a simple example, if you see a post with lots of likes, then what you will do? Definitely, you will curiosity about that post, that what is it all about? So the same thing will be with your customer. So motivate your employees to be actively engaged on social media, give the response on time, do like and do comment and do share to give your post-high reach and to make your customer action oriented.  employee advocacy is a big factor behind the business success so let every employee of your company be actively engaged on social media to gain maximum opportunity.

These are important Social Media Marketing tips, if you apply this tips for your business in a proper way then nobody can stop you to make strong social media presence of your business on the different platform and to gain maximum opportunity.