As per experts start-up entrepreneurs would need to work really hard with a little money as possible until you start making money from the new venture. Spend as little as you can and do as much as you can yourself. Don’t run up debts on expensive websites or office or assistant, until you are actually generating money.

In the beginning, you have to focus on investing as less as it can be and put as much efforts as you can moreover you need to be good enough at most of the things and see yourself as the CEO, CFO, CMO, director of sales and the rest! This great learning as you develop a sense of what it takes to keep your business running and a good basic understanding of accounting techniques, a technology that helps, the best way to attract your target audience.

So let’s just discuss the steps which are very essential for start-up entrepreneurs:

I.  Find out the mediums which require very low investment-
Mediums which requires very low investment are not traditional offline marketing communication mediums, as we all know that every single business entity is getting migrated to online marketing nowadays. Because promoting your brand and generating quality results through online marketing is way cheaper than traditional offline marketing, moreover online marketing provides you an advantage of reaching your audience way easier than offline marketing.


II.  What medium or what all mediums of online marketing to choose which requires very low investment-
There are many mediums can be used to generate quality results in online marketing, such as Social, E-mail campaigning etc. First of all we should create our presence in social network which require very minimal cost in addition to this we should take the advantage of E-mail campaigning which has proven as an effective and result-oriented online marketing medium as per the recent survey which clearly mentions that an effective E-mail Campaign can be able to generate $40 of every $1 invested.


III.  Figuring out how are you going to execute E-mail Campaign for your business- 
One thing for which you need to take care of before executing E-mail Campaign is that if you really want to take most of your E-mail Campaign, then your campaign has to be designed in such a way that it should be able to land your E-mails right in inbox of your target audience and should not get the tag of spammer. Therefore, there are two ways of getting your E-mail Campaign effective in terms of positive outcomes as follows:

  1. Hire an in-house team having expertise in the same domain, however this hiring and maintaining it would be very expensive for a start-up and initially it’s mentioned also that being a start-up you should focus on investing as low as your business allows you and put as much efforts as you can to generate the results at a minimal cost.  
  2. Another way of getting the same expertise in the same domain is leveraging the expertise of others which means there are players available in the market who are having the expertise in E-mail Campaign management moreover these services providers take the full responsibility of handling entire E-mail Campaign (well designed then testing then execution) of the start-ups and SMBs at a cost which certainly is way lesser than having in-house team.

Hence, being a start-up and being a CEO, CFO, CMO, director of sales and the rest! You know which decision of yours can actually take your amazing business to a level which produces a result.