Statistical Report On Emailing On Mobile Devices

Mobile email

Mobile email is on the rise, as more and more people own a smartphone or a mobile device like a tablet.
We compiled all (useful) available statistics and compiled the ultimate mobile email stats overview with insight into the current state of mobile email usage.
These numbers will keep on changing, almost every day. So I will be updating them, feel free to share these stats with everyone.
* These statics are taken from many trusted sites like-, mail-chimp etc. this may be the subject of copyright.

REPORT 1: Extreme Flow Of Emailing On Mobile


Mobile Email Opens Increase 123% in 18 Months.
We have seen some major changes in mobile email opens in the past year and a half.
As of September 2012, 38% of all opens were on a mobile device, compared to only 17% eighteen months ago—that’s a 123% increase in mobile opens! Recently, we’ve even seen some email campaigns that had over 60% of opens occurring on a mobile device.

REPORT 2: Same Account On Mobile And Desktop (90%) 


*Source- Exact Target
ExactTarget reveals in its 2012 Channel Preference Survey that 90% of smartphone owners access the same email account on mobile and desktop.  Litmus “Email Analytics” notes that more email is read via a mobile device than on a desktop, email client or webmail.  The stats indicate that 43% of email is now opened on a mobile device.

REPORT3 Used Email App  Ratio On Mobile :


Participants skewed iPhone heavy, despite Android having the higher market share.
The provided figure illustrates the email client usage in our study.
• 72% – Gmail App
• 18%- Gmail on web
• 3%-  K-9
• 3%-  Yahoo

REPORT 4 Platform Wise Mobile Emailing Ratio :


Mobile opens by the mobile operating system:
• iOS: 80.34%
• Android: 18.93%
• Windows Mobile: 0.34%
• Kindle: 0.28%
• Blackberry: 0.11%
We recognize that some email clients and devices (Apple Mail, iPhone, and iPad) Maybe over-represented due to the prevalence of image blocking (email opens are tracked when images are enabled).

REPORT5  What People Prefers :


Special offers (27%), vouchers (21%) and real-time tracking (21%) are the most preferred email types to receive on mobile. Newsletters are the fifth most preferred type with 12% of respondents saying they like to view that email type on their mobile the most. – Edialog “The future of mobile messaging” (2014)

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