SME’s are Still Far Away from Online Revolution

SME's Online Revolution


According to a new survey, Irish business one in six small and medium-sized companies are offline. Why they are still far away from online revolution when technology is going to be a boom in other countries.

Have you ever thought why online marketing or digital marketing is in trend? There are a lot of reasons behind it but the most common is that we are net savvy because and everything we want to see online. I give you a simple example that is online shopping. Why people do shop online more in comparison to prior. Through online shopping, they save their money as well as time. And it’s easy to compare the price offered by different brands. So Irish businesses are still not engaged in eCommerce and have a weak online presence.

Poor Internet Connection

Poor internet connection is a very big problem over there that is preventing them from being online. Without the internet how it is possible to be online and create your online presence. But now the internet related problems are improving, SMEs percentage for getting online is still very low.  If we check the number of SMEs offline, it is little improved in comparison to the last few months.

Lesser Number of Websites

Every Irish small and medium-sized enterprise does not have their website as well, it shows their weak online presence. Because of no online update –no contact details, no product listings and no social-media accounts are being updated till now. Researches say that most of the businessmen have no intention regarding the website, link building, and online things even they don’t want such kind of things. According to them, they don’t have time for such kind of things.

E-commerce Capability

Research shows that the percentage of eCommerce capability has increased but still they are not taking interest in it. They are unable to processes online. They are not so much aware of the things which are going online. Most of the revenue comes from an offline source. It’s very obvious that they are not so much net savvy and because of low internet connection, the things are not easy. It is the era when words moving towards digital Irish small and medium enterprises are facing these kinds of problems.

This is the fact that we are living in a Digital age where nearly every consumer becomes online to find better results but Irish facing this internet related problems.

“Business is the only thing which can be dead and still have a chance to survive… Yes, it’s amazing to be an Entrepreneur.”


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