With the help of Email Marketing Platform, e-commerce industry including other industries as well are reaching heights. But for sending emails one needs email list, and for email list one needs sign ups. Internet Retailers are doing good in achieving sign ups. Actually, I must say Smart Internet Retailers.  Smartness is next word to marketing. If you are still following traditional monotonous methods to get sign ups and are disappointed by your results then it’s time to pull up your socks.

Here I am sharing best tips for increasing the number of sign ups to grow your email list.

1.   Personal Data Collection

Personalization has always been a success key to Email Marketing. How do you feel when you receive a birthday wish from an organization? Anyone would love that. You must collect some personal data like date of birth and gender with email. But do not embed an entire form just for a sign-up. This thing can really annoy your readers and then they may just close the tab where they need to sign up. Use their information to promote your product like:

Hi Shweta,

Happy Birthday! You must be in a dilemma what to wear on this special occasion. Today is the day to look special.  
We have refined girls wear section, and these are some most suitable dresses for your birthday. Have a look.


2.   Opt-In Placement

Always use Opt-In, preferably double opt-in on your website to get email contacts. Single opt-in can choke your list with bad addresses, and possibly generate spam complaints from subscribers who don’t remember signing up.According to research, it has been noted that the maximum retailers use footer to place the opt-in placement. Many retailers even use two sign-up placements. So choose your place wisely.

3.   Mobile-friendly Experience

As we know, maximum of emails are opened through mobile device so make sure that your website must be responsive. Any person would not specifically open their laptops to see your website. So make sure that you use mobile-friendly survey software, and don’t be afraid to make your subscribers aware of this.  Surprisingly, 8% of websites were still not optimized for mobile.

4.   Sign-Up Motivation

The hard truth is: Nobody will be interested in receiving promotional and commercial emails. But you have to entice and motivate them to sign up. You may offer some deals for sign ups. It has been noted that maximum people sign up just to receive discount offers. Or you can also use promotion offers like: Free shipping, free-trials or dollar-off promotions or may be some percentage free offer discount.

5.   Using Social Sign-Up

Social sign up is a type of single sign up with existing social networking site like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. Social sign ups have made signing up more easy and simpler. Retailers can even get refined list and access to personal data. Most of the retailers have allowed users to sign up through their social network accounts. According to research, the maximum sign ups have been observed by Facebook, then Google, and then Twitter.

6.   Welcome Emails

Welcome emails are one of the first key steps to long term success with email marketing. It can be considered a crucial part in your email marketing lifecycle. They can be automated through your Email Service Provider. These are sent when a person subscribes to your email list. So basically, this is the first email that they receive after subscribing and it should be very effective with warm welcome. It is like a virtual handshake and you must show the personal side of your business. You can also offer a reward like 50% on first purchase in celebration of a new customer. Also thanks them for joining your email list.


If you can think of more smart retailer’s tips to get sign up, then please share in the comment section below.