Seven Ways to Get your Sales Up by 20% or More



The only good sale is one that leads to the next sale”
We never plan to fail, but we often fail to plan. When we are driving, we know where we want to go, and we plot out our route. We follow a route and monitor the distance covered. So we have a goal where we want to go and we plan according to that goal.Now just think how much attention do we give to planning and the directions to our sales goals? Give yourself a chance and take the time to review the quality of your sales and re-evaluate. 

What you are doing and where you want to go?

When you are looking to make a success out of sales, planning techniques will help to make it happen. Nothing happens by chance. So always make a plan and believe in it. You simply need to improve – and you have to begin doing a couple of things you’ve been neglecting.
Let us discuss seven ways of increasing sales by 20% or more

1. Specialized knowledge of the customer’s industry:

You must have specialized knowledge of the customer’s industry, then only you can correlate your product according to their need. You should have an idea about actually what kind of product or service they are looking for and it is possible only when you have good knowledge about their industry, products, and services in which they are dealing.

2. Strive to give the customers “the best solution”:

There is a lot of competition in the market for the same kind of product or service, then why customers should approach you. If you have strived to give “the best solution” to your customers, they will definitely approach you. But for that strive, your product or service must have some value so that you could be able to differentiate it from others.

3. Make only promises that you can keep:

You should make only promises that you can keep. No need to say extra whatever could not be able to fulfill. If you fulfill your promises, it creates a positive image in customers mind and good reputation in the market. Whatever you are doing just try to do your best, keeping the customers always in first priority.

4. Customers feedback is must:

You should always consider your customer’s feedback. Customer’s feedback plays a very important role in the improvement process. Customers need and ideas help in value addition in your product or service and make it different in the market. So Customers feedback is a must for improvement.

5. To serve the same customer for a long period of time:

You should always try to satisfy your customers and maintain a good relationship with them. It is said that to acquire a new customer is harder in comparison to satisfy an old customer and along with this a satisfy customer works as an unpaid marketer, who does “word of mouth” promotion for your product or service.

6. Work harder, with a clear vision:

Work harder at what you do. Try not to waste time. Try not to look upon the working environment if you want to achieve your target. You should have clear vision whatever you want to achieve. Without having your clear vision you can’t reach to your destiny.

7. Email marketing, best medium of marketing:

Effective email marketing is the best medium for marketing to reach your target audience globally in minimum time. You should always try to minimize your marketing expanse to make sufficient profit. Good email marketing is the best solution to minimize your marketing expenses and fulfill your targets.

If you effectively follow the above ways, you will definitely get your sales up by 20% or more.

“You don’t close a sale; you open a relationship if you want to build a long-term, successful enterprise.”

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