Reasons which Compel You to Increase Email Marketing Budget

Email Marketing Budget
There are so many online marketing tools are available in the picture of marketing communication, Email marketing will remain on top of the list of online marketing tools. Just because it is the cheapest tool of online marketing communication, doesn’t mean this amazing tool isn’t effective enough (if executed efficiently or through experts in Email marketing).
Here are the reasons which will be the driving force for the entrepreneurs to increase their budget of Email Marketing.

1.  Email Marketing is Alive and Growing:

  • The statistics don’t lie. At the end of 2014, 73 percent of marketers claimed that email marketing was a core strategy for their business. 
  • Additionally, 59 percent of marketers are planning to increase their email budgets in 2015 and beyond. 
  • Of course, it’s not always a good idea to go with the crowd and make decisions based on popularity, but these marketers have had experience with email marketing, and it looks like it’s been a positive one. 
  • It’s not entirely clear why email marketing is seeing a bit of a renaissance; it could be because people are more used to checking emails on their mobile devices and open rates are increasing, or it could be that the options available to email marketers are more diverse now than ever. 
  • Either way, email marketing is on its way up again, and it’s a trend you should get behind.

2.  Email Marketing Compliments other Marketing Campaigns:

  • Email marketing isn’t just about email marketing, at least not anymore. Email marketing is simultaneously your gateway drug—which leads new customers to your other, more substantial marketing efforts—and your mortar—which ties all you’re other campaigns together. 
  • Through an email marketing initiative, you can draw people to your blog by offering snippets of content, or you can drive up your following numbers by inviting people to share deals on social media. 
  • You can also use your other marketing channels to invite people to sign up for your email blasts, resulting in a closed, cohesive system that nurtures your overall customer base as one unit.

3.  Petty Investment leads to 40X ROI:


  • An effective Email Marketing Campaign fetches $40 of every $1 invested. 
  • Email marketing doesn’t take much to get going. 
  • You can get a Sales-Push.Com account for free, and if you already have a list of customers, you can use that as the basis for your initial email blasts. After that, even small, low-budget upgrades can give you a massive return.
  • Spending a few hundred dollars on a list of emails can net you hundreds of potential new customers.
  • Spending some extra money on your email designs can present your brand in radically new ways to unfamiliar customers and increase both brand loyalty and engagement

4.  Perfectly Measurable Results:


  • There’s not much to lose by increasing your email marketing budget. If things go bad, you can always reduce your budget back to where it was or eliminate the campaign entirely. 
  • One of the greatest benefits of email marketing is that you’ll be able to objectively measure your results. With every email blast you send out, you’ll be able to monitor your delivery rates, you’re open rates and the total number of click-through you receive. 
  • As long as you know your conversion rates, from there, you’ll be able to objectively determine whether your email marketing budget is enabling a profitable return. If not, you can make a change, but if it is, you can throw more fuel on the fire with an even greater budget.

5.  Demand is High from Audience:


  • It isn’t enough to send a simple promotional email or a short list of new content on your site. 
  • People need more from email campaigns, and in order to give the people what they want, you’ll have to step up your overall budget. Serve them well with better designs, more appealing copy, and better offers—free giveaways, discounts, and special deals are all winners, but they take an upfront investment to be successful.

Remember that Email Marketing isn’t just about sending as many Emails as you can. You will need to find your target audience for your offering which should solve their pain point. Only then will you be able to anticipate your audience’s needs and create emails that actually have value to them. Modern email marketing isn’t about making a sales pitch or attracting as many clicks as possible; it’s about providing value to your users, through spreading knowledge along with indirect selling and you’ll have to work hard to hold up your end of the bargain.