Now Improve Your Email List on Facebook

As we all are well aware about the Facebook is a great platform to grow Email list especially for the businesses dealing in B2C market. This is the reason, why the updated Facebook app came into the picture.

It takes a minute to create a sign-up page on Facebook. And for that there isn’t any need for developers or designers.

1. Create a sign-up form that you want people to see on Facebook.

2. Choose Facebook integration.

3. Login to your Facebook account.

4. Press “add web form” to facebook.

5. Choose the Facebook page and the sign-up form that you want to use.

Once you are done with above steps – that’s it you are done.
Write a post to let your Facebook fans to know about the opportunity to get an Email from you. (You may carry out this time to time and keep learning and measuring the results).


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