Mistakes which can Ruin Email Marketing Campaign during Holidays

Email Marketing Campaign Mistakes


You must be thinking why are we ( Sales-Push.com ) discussing holiday session which has the occurrence after a couple of months. But as per the experts at Sales-Push.com it’s the right time to start preparing for getting high revenues via effective Email Marketing in upcoming holiday session.

So, marketers, you gotta start preparing the things accordingly for this Xmas!  

For SMBs E-Marketing plays a role of driving force of steadfast revenue via generating quality leads. Email Marketing has proven as a very effective and efficient tool of digital marketing in terms of cost, reach to a target market, generating quality leads etc.

Therefore, experts at Sales-Push.com are going to let you have the clarity on what you as SMB owners need to take care of in order to not to do the mistakes during this holidays season. It is really good news for SMBs to how effectively they can be in touch with their audience throughout this holiday’s season, but it also means there will be plenty of competition for the same market you are targeting to.

So let us discuss the mistakes which need not be there when you do email marketing during holidays:

Do not make it difficult for your audience to recognize you :


Majority of the people opens the new email alert or specific new emails in one go if they find some familiarity with a sender. So before sending take the time to double checks the ‘from name’ and ‘from email address’ you are using to send your email.

Stop being like others ‘overselling appears in the subject line’ :


While doing email marketing our motive should be to stand out from the noise in this holiday’s season, therefore we just need to put thoughts into the subject line such as:

  • The question- want to know what should be the right gift for(carry on with your offerings)
  • The list- top 5 gifts for(carry on with your offerings)
  • The teaser- A special holiday offer(alter it as per your offerings)
  • News- Announcing our results for the winner(alter it as per your offerings)

Do not ignore Mobile Readers :


There has been a drastic increase in the number of smartphone users across the globeAs we know in this holiday’s season there would be very high possibilities of the target audience using mobile to check their emails. So SMBs you need to pay attention to mobile as well so choose and design your mailer which should be mobile friendly. 

Slowing down your readers (don’t) :


Like us, our customers will also be busy during their holidays, so we need to take really good care of the content of our email. Find out the tips to remember in order to not to slowing down your readers while he/she reading your mail:

  • Content should be clear, concise and obviously to the point.
  • Avoid unnecessary images especially big (good for nothing) images, this will also help to resist your mail from being a spammer. 
  • Use only one or two images that to not big one.
  • And the most importantly make it very easy for the audience to scan your email and finds the content relevant to them.

Do not Forget to Include a Clear Call to Action :

Do not just hit send on your holiday promotional mail without offering the next step for your customers. Dare to expect your audience going to visit your store and shop online out of the email campaign without having a clear call to action for the next step for them in that promotional mail.

It’s important to make sure that the readers should be interested in the next step; we should be doing in a concise and gentle way not certainly in a lengthy approach. Place it front and center, and clearly identify why they should take that next step.

Hence, we are pretty confident about, if you are taking care of all the things stated above for your email marketing, you are actually standing out from the noises (competition) in this holiday’s season.


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