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We have been educating our Intelligent Email Marketing Platform (EmailPush) users about how they could leverage personalized email messaging with the social integration of our Intelligent Email Marketing Platform could help them enhance revenues by 10%. Having said that, this piece of content will help the users of EmailPush (Intelligent Email Marketing Platform) on how they could boost their revenues by as much as 10%.
Personalized Cart Abandoned EmailsAs there are plenty of reasons behind a cart gets abandoned by your customers. Reasons could be, a customer might have distracted by cute little puppy video or he/she might have found the price of the product is high or anything else. Whatever the reason behind Cart being abandoned, the question is what are we doing to grab them back and let them complete the transaction?
Recovering your cart abandoned customers is tricky and this requires all possible integration of your store with EmailPush.

Now, let’s get to know on how EmailPush could help you in recovering your abandoned carts:

  • Timely Follow-Up Emails: Set a timeline, let’s say 24 hours, means after 24 hours of abandoning the cart the abandonee (customer) will receive an automated personalized email which will trigger him/her to act upon.
  • Keep Reminding Customers: Set the predetermined internal after follow-up personalized emails for reminders to the customers or abandonees about their products being awaited. This will again trigger them about the product(s) they were about to buy or liked, but couldn’t make the purchase due to various reasons.
  • Provoke Customers to come back: Give your customers reasons to get back to the store and make the purchase. For instance, keep them updated about new stock, new arrivals of the same category of product which they’ve had abandoned and stuff like that. This will also provoke them to get the store and could get turns up into a purchase.
  • Incentivize your customers: Give them offers/discounts/credits, etc., in order to get them back anyhow. Welcome new subscribers by giving them some percentage of discount on their very first purchase and keep yourself engaged with your customers because the cost of acquiring a new customer is way higher than retaining the old once.
With the help of EmailPush (Intelligent Email Marketing Platform) integration with your store, you could actually open up many ways to draw your audience come back to your store again and again as mentioned above and get yourself 10% increase in overall revenue. It’s proven as mentioned in our testimonials here.


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