Is your Call To Action Button Effective?  

The ultimate goal of email campaign is to achieve maximum CLICK-THROUGH RATE. Your email marketing campaign is unsuccessful if your click-through rate is low. Click through rate is the amount by which visitors open the hypertext link to a particular site that has been sent to them through email marketing campaigns.

After collecting quality data, sending personalized emails and reaching high open-rate, the final struggling step comes is: Call to Action. Call to Action Button is the button inserted in your email through which visitors open the hypertext link to a particular site. If you can not write a compelling call to action then you are likely to have an underperforming email campaign.

So how can you make your CALL TO ACTION effective?
Here i am sharing few tips and practices to achieve maximum click-through rate and make your email campaign successful.

   1.  Do not confine CTA in an image 

Your CTA buttons must be clearly visible and should stand out. It is absurd to mention that usually recipients just read an email in a blink of an eye. And within that 5 seconds they conclude whether to go further or just ignore like any other mail. Your CTA must catch the attention of the reader in these 5 seconds. It must stand out and should not be embedded in an image otherwise it may not be clearly visible.

   2.  Always use First Person Speech 

Your CTA button must be in first part of speech. It makes your approach personalized. According to research, changing from second person speech to first person speech has increased the click-through rate by 90%.
Use words like ‘Create My Profile’ instead of ‘Create Your Profile’.


  3.  Create a sense of extremity 

​Your CTA button must compel the readers to click the button and visit the hyperlink associated. It must create a sense of urgency. For example:

  4.  Create minimum CTA buttons 

Your email must not contain more than two CTA buttons. Otherwise, it would annoy readers and make them feel confused which one to click. Less is more when it comes to choices. The more decisions you will ask readers to make, the more they can get annoyed.

PictureCTA Buttons

  5.  Use CTA Button Graphics with Icons 

Do you like colours and graphics? Well, everybody does. So why to make your CTA buttons boring? Make your CTA button attractive with colourful icons.


     6.  Be careful with the placement of CTA buttons 

 The location of CTA buttons is another essential point to fetch              reader’s attention. For an example, if the button placed at right              gains 100 click-through rate, then left will gain 150 and bottom              will gain 250. Hence placing the button at bottom attains more              attention than placing at right or left.


  7.  Choice of Words 

Your choice of words must not be monotonous. It should feature striking and action oriented text. Avoid using words like:

  • Buy Now
  • Sign Up
  • Submit
  • Give
  • Invest
  • Download
  • Support
  • Complete
  • Sponsor 

​Try to use more action packed words like:

  • Get free e-book
  • Check out/Check this out
  • Discover
  • Reveal
  • Add to Cart
  • Reserve your seat
  • Try our free trial

  9.  Testing always helps!
After rigorously keeping in mind all the key points mentioned above, the endmost step is to perform testing. If you have not performed Split Testing before or the response was below expectation then testing CTA buttons can be of great help. Test placement, colour, style, text. If you can think of it, you should test it!
Does this article helped?
Please share more key points in the comment section below, that you can think of, to make email CTA buttons more effective.


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