Is Email Marketing Dead?


Is Email Marketing Dead? No, Its getting Pro


Email Marketing is not dead. It’s just getting finer on each and every aspect. People coming from distinct industries still confuse Email Marketing with bulk emailing which is leading to these misconceptions.

Marketers on the other end are trying ways to built better and achieve higher by refining the process every single day. Email marketing has now moved to the next level. Advanced features and marketing automation are the next versions of Email outreach resulting to achieve maximum ROI.


Factors that lead to this misconception:

1- Spammers: As the GDPR compliance have raised the level to improve the authenticity of data. People who believed in randomly collecting databases without the consent of the receiver are facing the challenge to extend their Email outreach.

2-Bulk Emailing – People in the industry who still believe in the name of bulk-emailing and have no idea about targeting the right email to the right audience. No workflow creation or strategies to work for has made Email marketing dead in their perception a long time back.


How Does Email Still Persist to be the best?


1- Outreach –  Thinking of business communications Email is the most accessed and outreached platform. Most outreached platform in any particular genre like B2B, B2C, employees, founders, teenagers. Every individual access their Email at least twice a day which makes Email the most outreached platform


2-Cost Effective – Today we have multiple mediums of marketing consisting of Social media platforms like Facebook groups, Instagram, twitter, linkedin, Google Ads, Linkedin Ads, Quora and a lot more. Although Ads have a very Rate of Investment as compared to Email marketing and the Return On Investment also varies to a great extent.

3- Strategies Workflow and Personalization: Design a proper workflow by strategizing your email marketing strategy. It helps in engaging the customer with your brand and product. Personalization of emails is another way of interacting with your customers.


Conclusion: Email Marketing has a very high potential to make brand visibility. Once you start building brand reachability. The target audience will start engaging with your content, promotions, and offers. Provided you are focussed to design the strategy to achieve the goal via Email marketing and not simply doing Bulk Emailing.

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