How To Utilize E-mail Marketing Platform To Its Max Potential

E-mail Marketing Platform


There are no magic wands, no hidden tricks and no secret handshakes that can bring you immediate success. Finance, Operations, Accounting, and different business activities won’t generally matter if there is not adequate demand for products and services so the organization could make a benefit. Demand shows a positive change rapidly with “effective email marketing”. “Good email marketing” is not achieved by chance, but it’s a result of careful planning and execution.
Taking the right decisions for the execution of an effective marketing plan is not always easy. What features to design into a new product, selling price, where to sell products, who is the target audience and how much we have to spend on marketing, these are the questions which matters a lot for “best e-mail Marketing” to become successful.

Methods of utilizing E-mail Marketing platform to its max potential…

1)- Give the customer a reason to respond:
Why Customers would spend their valuable time to respond to us?
They respond only when we provide a reason for them to respond. There are few things that impact positive impact on customers mind and customers respond without hesitation. We all like to feel that we’re special, then why customers will not like to be special. So whatever you are going to offer to customers, just try to make them feel special. So Offer powerful incentives for reading email pitches and online ads. For example email trivia games, scavengers hunt etc. attract customers to respond.

2)- Personalize the content of your email:

Quality content in an email marketing campaign is easy to describe but hard to produce. Really excellent content customized according to your customers choice aligns with your company’s brand strategy, presents a clearly actionable chance to the reader, boosts your deliverability reputation, and delights your customer.

You can disseminate specifically to clients office email every week, conveying “the information they need” in publications and Weekly Updates. Clients who consent to get the newsletter select from subjects recorded on an interest profile.

3)- Offer what, the customers can’t get via direct mail:

Because an email campaign can be carried out quickly, they can offer time-sensitive information. Time is always very crucial. If we want to send any information in minimal time, email is the best mode of transport. For example, Travelocity sends frequent email pitching last-minute cheap affairs. Club Med uses emails to pitch unsold, discounted vacation packages to prospects in its database.

4)- Email with Social Media integration:

Research shows that email strategies that coordinate with Social Media channels into their sends lead to better result. Include Social Media Channels – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and so on to your messages to expand the reach.

Why would it be advisable for you to incorporate email with Social Media Channels?
It amplifies scope of your messages with proper reach and permits you to interface with your right audience by giving an opportunity for list building.

It permits subscribers to share emails with his friends or followers.

5)- Make it easy for customers to unsubscribe:

Online customers want a positive exit experience. According to the worldwide study of the top web users who communicate much more often online typically share their views by emails with lesser friends when satisfied, but contact­­­­­ more friends when unsatisfied.

6)- Heat Mapping:

To increase the effectiveness of emails, a few specialists are utilizing heat mapping by which they can gauge what individuals read on a PC screen by utilizing cameras joined to a PC that tracks eye movements. One study shows that clickable graphic icons and buttons that linked to more details of a marketing offer increased click rate more in comparison to links that used an internet address.


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