How to Use Email for Target Marketing



Email Marketing is an effective way to pursue different target markets, because many email marketing solutions enable you to send emails to specific “segments,” or smaller pieces, of your subscriber list.

Let’s explore using email marketing to target different markets by walking through the steps:

Step 1: Gather Subscriber Data: Without having some type of data about your subscribers, you have no way of knowing what they want and no way to slice your list into smaller, targeted segments.
Email marketing solutions now allow you to use “behavioral” information to segment your lists. 
This means that you can create target market lists based on which links your subscribers clicked or which email they opened.

Step 2: Create Your Segments: Once you have information about your subscribers, you can start looking at the data to discover target markets.
This takes a little investigative work, but luckily email marketing solutions provide decent reporting functionality so you can learn which emails your subscribers opened and which links they clicked.

Step 3: Use Segments to Send Targeted E-Mails: These targeted emails will reach those subscribers who are interested and will contain marketing messages and offers (such as coupons) that have been created to tout the selection.
No marketing approach is as effective as this one and, thanks to email marketing, target marketing is in reach for any business, no matter how small.


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