How To Start with a New Email Service Provider

Bulk Email Service Provider

You want to target your audience and reach out to them by sending emails? For this, you will need an Email Service Provider (ESP). It is a company or software that enables you to send marketing email campaigns and track results.

With several ESPs in the market, it’s hard to find the most suited ESP for your business. Once you have found, you need to undergo an onboarding process.

There are a lot of details to be managed during this time, the following points will help you to onboard to your new ESP smoothly.

Evaluate your current email performance

Take time to identify what’s working? What’s not? What’s an ESP issue? Talk to all the concerned person and get their input too. Deal with all the related issues before you start the migration.

Identify what you need to move to the new ESP

Next look at the things you’re thinking to migrate to the new ESP. There must be certain things that need not get migrated. Document all the pieces that you have: email lists (unsubscribers, bounces, spam), a rule for segmentation, contact database, past emails, rules for automated triggered emails, current email templates, landing pages, forms, etc.  

Organize your data and campaign

Organize your data and campaign to make it work perfectly in the new ESP, review your HTML to ensure the new platform works seamlessly. Make the most of the new platform by identifying its capabilities and advantageous it can be to you. And last but not the least make sure all email reporting and analytics are set up the way you need it.

Clean your list before migration

Clean email system before migration so that you don’t carry forward your inactive contacts into new ESP. Do the same for other assets such as landing page forms, newsletter. Anything that is out-dated or not in use need to be revised or removed.

Take time to analyze what you’ve done wrong, which practices giving you the result that needs to be continued and how well things are working (or not).

Review your campaigns, look for trends and strategies things accordingly.

Switching email service provider can be a bit of a hassle but also a fresh start to improve your email marketing.



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