How to Onboard With Your New Email Service Provider

Email Service Provider

An email service provider gives a chance to make a good impression on a new subscriber by onboarding them properly and ensure they stay for a long time. Chances of subscriber churn in the initial stage are really high if the company lacks in the good onboarding process.

Onboarding is a process to welcome new customers and familiarize them with your product or service. There are many ways to onboard customers, but the most efficient way is to send a series of emails in a form of drip campaign or triggered emails.

You can provide a good onboarding experience using email marketing technology. With the help of the right ESP, you can onboard your new subscribers.

By using email automation, list segmentation, and dynamic content, you can personalize messages to make the onboarding process more effective.  

What should a good ESP help you with during onboarding?

During the onboarding process, both the client and the ESP get the required knowledge and understanding to build and maintain a good relationship.

An ESP should offer a dedicated team or account manager to seamlessly transition between email solutions because not every employee of your organization will have good knowledge of what IP’s are or how to verify the domain, or how to avoid spam.

Deliverability and Technical Help

If you are switching between ESPs then it can affect your IP reputation along with inbox deliverability. So always have a discussion with your ESP about deliverability. Your new ESP should improve your deliverability, advise you on better email practices, also help you with:

  • Setting up SPF records, DKIM settings, and the overall setting of an account
  • Handle your migration process and organize your data
  • All the other required settings such as web forms, plugin & integration, etc.
  • Tool training and real-time customer support

Avoid the following mistakes that might be hampering your onboarding process.

  • Thinking that your customer is well familiar with your product or service
  • Having confidence that your customers are going to make a purchase if they have signed up.
  • Forgetting about the customer once they made a purchase
  • Talking only about the feature of the product not, how it would benefit customers
  • Non-personalization approach

Action plan during the migration process

Whether you’ll be working with someone from your ESP side or not, these are the crucial actions you have to take during the migration process.

Set the deadline for migration

Evaluate your current email marketing strategy, determine what is working and what you have to improve. Strategies all your work, define your target, set out a plan and implement.

Prepare and clear your email list

Make sure you don’t upload any spammy or unsubscribed email addresses to your new ESP. Doing so can affect your deliverability with the new ESP. Emailing to such subscribers will damage your email marketing campaign and your domain reputation.

Confirm that your lists are permission-based and abide by all email regulations.

Prepare the Email Marketing Rule

Before you transfer all your email data make sure all your email marketing rules are implemented into the new system. These rules can be related to

  • contact segments,
  • email campaign rules,
  • integrations, etc.

Warm up new IP

New IP addresses should be warmed up before one starts sending. Don’t upload your entire email database into the new system in one time. Export contacts into certain batches and import into the new system.

Create and send the first campaign and ask subscribers to add your new sender address to their contact list informing them that you’ve made some changes.

Likewise, do the same with the remaining contacts. In this way, your new IP will be recognized by your subscribers’ inbox providers as one that sends out highly engaging emails. It will reduce any damage to your associated reputation created by the change in sending infrastructure. It drastically reduces the chance of your new IPs and sending domains marked as suspicious or spam.

Wrap Up

A proper onboarding process should include and allow to clean the list, maintaining a well-segmented database and experience a boost in domain reputation.


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