An Email marketing campaign is only as good as the stats that it produces – so anyone not tracking their emails is missing an opportunity to gauge their effectiveness.

But how do you measure the success of your campaign?
Using web analytics systems you should have access to a host of valuable information that can help you measure success. 

Here are some of the most important:

  • Open rate:  This is calculated by dividing the number of opened emails by the total number sent out (x100 for a percentage).  It is a great indicator of how well your subject line is working and can offer insight into how your brand is perceived by recipients
  • Click-through rate:  This metric (number of clicks divided by the total emails sent, x100 for a percentage) relates to how many people have clicked a link on the email and offers arguably a more telling barometer of how good your content is, since if high numbers of recipients are clicking through, then your message must be relevant.
  • Conversion rate:  For marketers more interested in the big picture, the conversion rate is the metric to monitor. The calculation (number of conversions divided by total emails sent, x100 for a percentage) tells you plain and simply what proportion of the time you are succeeding with a sale/sign-up/other call to action from your emails.
  • Delivery rate:  This statistic (the percentage of emails delivered) shows how many of your emails are getting through to people’s inboxes. A poor figure here could hurt your reputation with email service providers and put you in danger of being treated as spam, so make sure you remove any recipients from your list that are bouncing back as invalid addresses.