We all have heard and know that Email Marketing Platform is the most profitable platforms available. As marketers, we all know that the simplest way to grow your audience is by compelling them to fill up the signup forms on your website. This can be called the most traditional way to grow your email list. But what other factors can be responsible for the growth of your audience without using signup forms?

Here are few of my other favorite methods to grow your audience:


1)  Host webinars

Well, newsletters are already helping you to grow list but creating webinars becomes a plus point. Sometimes people get bored and annoyed with long reading text content but find listening more interesting and comfortable in a video. Just like people prefer more to watch videos on YouTube rather than reading the story on the web. Webinars are a great way to show off the company’s decision makers or head department managers to show off their expertise and generate new leads who are genuinely interested in what your brand offers.

2)  Valuable Content
Content marketing is already a popular method because it generates maximum leads. But it is very important to look after the relevant content that you are posting or sending newsletters. You also can take help of guest content to promote and grow audience Sometimes guests content works like your content cannot. After all, different dishes do affect the taste of your meal.


3)  Use Social Media

Social media includes your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc. These days everyone uses social media and some are addicted too. Ultimately, it can be a great help for your business to grow by increasing subscribers. Above all, this one is super easy to implement, manage and monitor.

4)  Host offline events like trade shows

Hold an on-site contest and make providing an email a contest requirement. According to research, it is an effective way to grow your list. This will increase the number of people who sign up and improve the relevance of the emails.


5)  Encourage sharing

You have already shared the content on your website, social media, newsletters etc. Now you must compel the readers to also share the content on their profiles on social media or with their friends. You can use certain offers to encourage them like share with 5 friends and get one free e-book guide on how to grow your email list. Use share buttons as easy as possible within the body of the campaign.