How to do email marketing For a Restaraunt

No Doubt Email marketing is  an economic way to promote your  restaurants.
Restaurant Management can effectively use to get targeted messages directly to customers. 
Junk Mails are the things always hated by Subscribers , So you need a smart content creation strategy to not to let them annoy with your newsleters.People will enjoy usefull information about discounts and New launches.
This will be more beneficial to engage with your loyal customers

There  are 5 following facts that will boost your email marketing ROI :

1. Coupons 


To show recipeints their own profit is the best way of email marketing.Send a coupon customers can download and print /show/apply them to get most of theiy money.


 Showing the standard descriptions of your menu items will annoy them . Send them fun facts about the items you serves them . Make the environment light , don.t engage with a heavy discussion
Engage your customer with email by offering a contest . Show they the active participation in it will how much beneficial for them . This is the mantra of customer engagement.

4. Jude your Email Content and frequency 
Don’t make a lengthy speech in front of your subscribers again and again . They will not tolerate you much more. If you bombard customers daily, they will block you.

5. Avoid from the label of Spammer 
Avoid Spammy words and lenthy images from your newsletter content. They might downgrade your mailer from INBOX to JUNK folder.


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