How to do effective twitter marketing

  • A lot of Today’s “traditional” marketers use outbound marketing to reach their targeted audiences .   
  • Twitter is a relationship building and relationship maintenance tool. 
  • The most obvious business use of Twitter is to meet potential targeted customers.

Following are the steps to follow:


1. Setup sensible account (Your Twitter Name):

  • Setup an account with a name that makes sense.
  • If someone is already using your name then you have to get creative.
  • Come up with an alternative spelling.
  • It is easy to spell and matches the name of your business or services.        


2. Describe your target audience on Twitter:

If you are new at twitter:

  • Use twitter research tool. 
  • You should include Twitter handles of actual target users.
  • Do the homework and write it down.

If you are already familiar with twitter:

  • If you’ve been able to go so far as develop a good profile.
  • It is much better way.
  • It represents your customers that spend time on Twitter in general.


3. Setup a goal

  • You should not have to think only about the numbers in term of follower/following.
  • It’s not how many connections you have, it is who you are connected with that.
  • There should be high degree of mutual engagement
  • Because it determines the propagation of tweets, spread of links, traffic, etc.


4. Create a Twitter Marketing Strategy 

Figure out how you can best use Twitter to your advantage and come up with a plan.

Some common Twitter strategies are:

  • Post regular specials or sales on Twitter.
  • Use Twitter to search for people Tweeting questions you can answer as a way to build relationships and potential future customers.
  • Encourage word of mouth between your followers


5. Following People on Twitter:

Start following others on Twitter who are working in your industry.

  • See who those people are following. 
  • Who are somehow related to your industry? 
  • Follow some of those people too


6. Engage with your network with twitter tools:

  • Hashtags: Hashtags are #terms that categorize your tweets and help them go beyond
  • your followers on the twitter environment.
  • Retweet: A retweet (RT) is when someone shares your tweet with followers. 
  • Hat Tip: Someone gives another user credit for discovering something sharing.
  • Trends: Trends are the hot topics. These are mainly based on #hashtagskeywords and news.
  • Via: Via usually means a link is from that user’s website.


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