How to automate restaurant Email Marketing

In this era “TIME” is the most valuable thing to consider. Automation is a process that is being done by or with the help of artificial intelligence. A good automation in restaurant email marketing will show you among well-disciplined and mannered restaurant.  It will also be very easy to manage things if they get automated.

Few are the key areas where you can use Email Marketing effectively:

1.Easy signup form

Nothing is free in the world. You will have to pay certain things before getting Visitor’s Email ID. You have to write amazing blog that will insist them to subscribe for regular update.
Provide some e-paper and discount offer for new customers.
Make subscription as much easy as possible. No one wants to share a lot of information with you.Only gather relevant behavioural information’s. 

2.       Triggered welcome Newsletter

After each Sign Up process send triggered warm welcome messages. Make them feel like they got really rewarded after giving up their personal information.  This is a good WIN-WIN strategy.

3.     Email Personalization 


Personalize your newsletter as much as you can. You some tokens like {USERNAME}, {FIRST NAME}, {LAST NAME}, {LOCATION} for personalizing your mailer. For every person their name is the sweetest word to grab their attention. Use Proper salutations.

4.      Advanced Subscriber’s Segmentation


Subscriber’s segmentation is the key part of restaurant email marketing. Every person varies in terms of their type of food, type of taste, area of locality etc. Send them gift coupons based on their behavior; this is what we know as subscriber list segmentation. 

5.  Feedback Mail 


After a good service sends them feedback mails with a warm welcome with “VISIT US AGAIN” like messages. This will improve your loyalty among them. Provide some extra discount option if they revisit your restaurant.   


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