How Geolocation Feature Boosts Email Marketing


If you use Email Marketing Platform to increase your business, then you must be aware of the term GEOLOCATION. As a marketer, it is very important to know your audience in order to run a successful email marketing campaigns. Geolocation features helps you to know your Subscribers Location ( country, state and region ).
After Knowing about what type of content interests your subscribers and how they are viewing your messages, it is equally important to know from where they are viewing your content,  which part of the world got more attracted by your emails and which part is least interested to receive your emails. All these things are equally important to run a successful email campaign.

Email Analytics helps alot to determine email clients, open rate, click through rate, visits etc but besides these metrics it is also important to know from where these emails are opened. You can use this to target your subscribers located in a specific country or area.

Here I am sharing with you how geolocation feature can boosts up your email marketing campaigns. Do have a look…


1.   Targeted Audience by Visitors

After having an analysis of your email marketing campaign, you can have an insight that from which part of world your audience is more excited to receive your emails. Therefore, with help of this feature you can target your audience more easily and send the next campaign on the region where your email gets opened. It also helps to promote region-specific sales and advertise holiday or seasonal promotions in different countries. It boost your conversions with highly targeted, region-specific lead magnets.


2.   Advanced Segmentation

You can set your “send time” of the email Campaign based on Geolocation Reports. If your maximum audience is from Asia, then choose your send time according the location time zone. As it is very important that they must be wake up when receiving the email otherwise your email will be left much behind in the mailbox and therefore the user may not open it later.  By looking at the regions where subscribers opened the previous communications, it became easier to target emails specifically for each event.


​4.   Increases Click Through Rates

Now when you know that from where you are getting maximum open rate and target your audience accordingly, then automatically It will boost your Click through rate. You just need to segment and Target your audience efficiently with the help of Geolocation feature.


5.  Strong Customer Interaction  Across the Globe

With geolocation feature, you can create a strong customer interaction by knowing the time zone of the users. There are different time zones across the globe and we must know at what time zone and from where our subscribers are located. Nobody opens up their email at night. Therefore, by knowing the location you can send your email campaign at specific time zone with reference to the location which creates strong customer interaction across the globe.

​Over To You:

If you can think of more ways how geolocation boosts up email marketing, then please share in comment section below.

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