How Brand Should Offer Email Expertise at Every Stage of Buyer Journey

email expertise

The importance of email marketing is stronger than ever. According to Ascend2 report, 82% of B2B and B2C companies are using an email marketing platform.

It provides higher ROI than any other marketing channel at 3800 percent but this percentage has now increased to 40 which is $40 return for every $1 spent.

The potential customers contact you when they face any problem and subscriber to your emails to educate themselves and to get expertise solution to their problems. Expertise builds trusts.

Unless you don’t showcase your skills to solve their pain points, they may not choose you. Try to give the best solution to a customer’s problem.

Email is the most convenient medium of communication whether its an initial conversation or when they face issues, generally people contact via email. Email is a great way to offer solutions and build solid relationships by delivering expertise. But offering expertise is not achieved from a single email, you have to educate subscribers at every stage of the customer journey.

  1. Awareness – Prospect get to know about the product or brand
  2. Purchase – Prospect turn into a customer
  3. Relationship building – Keep nurturing them for building a strong relation
  4. Retention – Retain customer and make them into a loyal customer
  5. Advocacy – Customer advocates for a brand on social media and beyond

Awareness stage

This is a stage where your subscriber just gets aware of your brand and some of your products/services. They further want to know about your offerings. Email them the services you offer or what solution you provide to their problem.

email expertise At this stage subscribers also look for free trial account for a better understanding of your product/service. You can send them a proposal as well as what they can expect when they opt for a paid version.

email expertise Your goal should be to make them purchase, nurture them with emails such as content resources like a white paper, e-books so that your subscribers get further knowledge. Send them a series of emails on the basis of their action. For example, if they fill a form, automatically a newsletter would be sent to them.

Purchase Stage

At this stage, your subscribers will evaluate your brand and find out whether your brand solves their problem or not. They would also compare your offering with those being offered by competitors. Tell them how you differ from your competitors, highlight your USP, and you can also offer them discounts or reward to make them purchase.

Sometimes, discounts or reward doesn’t work. You have to give them reason and motivates them to buy from you.

email expertise Post Purchase Stage

You have successfully converted a lead into a customer but it doesn’t an end of your effort. Provide them continuous support and good user experience to build strong relations and make their overall experience highly satisfactory. This way your first-time customer will become your loyal customer by providing repeated business for your brand.  

Offer a loyalty bonus to your existing customers to make your subscribers feel special. You can also offer a discount for being a loyal customer.

Run a survey, ask for customer feedback, it would help you to know and improve your loopholes and also make your customer feel valued.

email expertise Retention stage

Customers who became inactive, a series of emails can be sent to retain them and gradually make them active customers. Try to find out why they have stopped buying from you and deliver solutions accordingly. Offer an exclusive discount deal to retain them better.

email marketing Advocacy stage

Word of mouth is one of the most effective and never let down, it travels faster and wider than emails. Earn the trust of your customers to bring new customers to your business. You can also opt for a customer referral program.

email marketing


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