5 Features Of Email Marketing Platform Every Business Must Leverage

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“To fly we have to have resistance”
In the same way, competition works as a resistance to survive in the market but helps in continuous improvement. If there is no competition in the market, how we would be able to know, where we are lacking.
Success is not easy, what sets up apart from the rest in the fact that we are willing to struggle and willing to move forward. Email marketing is creating a huge difference in the market in comparison to other digital marketing tools and playing an important role in achieving success.

Let us discuss top 5 features of email marketing platform, every business must leverage

1)-Segmentation and Targeting: The segmentation and targeting is the essence of “effective email marketing”. We can rarely satisfy everyone in the market. Not everyone likes the same thing. Therefore we divide the market into a segment. We should identify and profile distinct group of buyers who might prefer varying product and service mixes by examining demographic, psychographic and behavioral difference among buyers.
After segmentation, we should target that market, which presents the greatest opportunity. So segmentation and targeting are must to reach the right audience at right time.

2)-Advance Reporting:

Email marketing is one of the best measurable marketing platforms in the world if it is used with the right setup.
For each campaign, you can track what number of individuals opened it, what number of clicked, precisely where in the email they clicked, what they did on your website, and the amount of income every campaign produced for you. Providing details regarding your email campaigns is important, to demonstrate you the metrics you should think about, and give you resources to enhance your outcomes. It also provides Social sharing report which tells, hoe your campaigns are shared by the audience on different Social Media Channels.

3) – Automation:

Email marketing when using a marketing automation tool is much different than just simple emailing. The distinction lies by the way you will send the messages and the profoundly tactic nature of the messages being sent.

With marketing automation, relevance is the key — and it is given to the buyer through convenient messages sent. It lets you automatically schedule and send messages on day by day, week by week, month to month, or yearly premise based on the dates that you choose. Use repeating autoresponders to send recharging notification, updates, reminders, monthly promotional campaigns. You can create triggered autoresponder to automatically send an email to clients and prospects taking into account moves they make, for example, by clicking a particular link in your email campaign. Use activated autoresponders for thank you or up-sell messages, unique advancements, and other reactionary messages.

4) – CRM integration:

Your email marketing and CRM system are much similar to your sales and marketing groups. Each has a defined role in a common segment of the company.

Like sales and marketing, CRM and email marketing offer considerably more prominent advantages when their regions of skill are incorporated into a combined effort. CRM integration helps you to connect with your leads, prospects, and clients easily. You can measure the effectiveness of your campaign – all from inside your CRM account. CRM integration synchronizes CRM information and email marketing activity to enhance the significance of promoting programs and give CRM users a clear vision into advertising action with “good email marketing”.

5) – URL Grabber:

URL grabber is very effective while running mass email marketing.
It Extracts targeted company contact data (email, phone, fax) from websites, search engines. It Extracts URL, meta tag (title, desc, keyword) for website promotion, search directory creation, web research.

It is a very powerful tool for customers who send emails on a recurring schedule. Recurring sending permits you to automatically make and send campaign on a day by day, week by week or month to month premise. This is unique in relation to a standard email marketing campaign on the grounds that once set up, there is no need to sign in and hit the send or schedule button. Most of the time, you’ll pull the content from a URL and send at the time and frequency defined. For example, if you are willing to send a daily news email, you can set up a recurring campaign it will automatically your campaign each morning at the predefined time, there is no need to waste your time.

“Nothing happens until something moves”. So get ready for your Success with “effective email marketing.”


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