Factors  Affecting  your Sender Reputation   

Sender reputation
Sender reputation plays a vital role in running your email campaign. It is an important character to increase your email deliverability. ISPs judge your campaign by your sender reputation only. There are two types of reputation: IP Reputation and Domain Reputation
 What is IP Reputation?
 IP Reputation is associated with IP Address. IP Reputation is the reputation which tells that a particular IP Address is liable for sending any spam or unwanted bulk email. It looks after the ranking of IP Addresses. It collects, stores, updates and distributes reputation intelligence on IP Addresses.

What is Domain Reputation?                                                                                       It is the reputation which tells the status and rank of your domain name. It essentially makes your sender reputation portable which includes you could add new IPs, move IPs, sending emails from different systems and even different Email Service Providers.

In this article, I will highlight the factors which are responsible to build your Sender Reputation.

1.  Spam Rate                                                                                                         The spam rate is the rate by which recipients mark an email as SPAM. The spam rate is the most crucial factor affecting your Sender Reputation. Getting marked spam by users is worst than getting unsubscribe. How will you feel if someone reports an FIR against you? This is the same feel which marketers go through if someone marks their email as spam.

2.  Bounce Rate                                                                                                       The bounce rate gives the report by which your emails get bounced back. There are two types of Bounce: Hard Bounce and Soft Bounce.
Certain factors are there by which we come to know if it is Hard Bounce or Soft Bounce.
The reasons behind hard bounce include fake email id or may be a syntax error. Although it is not easy to judge the reason behind soft bounce it is assumed that it may include IP reputation issue, busy server, mailbox full or spammy content.
It is advisable to use a double-opt-in system to avoid bounce back.

3.  Open Rate                                                                                                       Open Rate is a measure of how many recipients opens your email sent an email campaign. If you have a low open rate then it clearly says that recipients are less interested to receive your emails.

4.  Send Frequency                                                                                               Email provider’s looks after the emails you sent frequently. Spammers do not send too much of emails at first step and not even very few. So it is always better to first “warm up” your domain before sending. To maintain a good reputation, it is necessary to warm up your domain reputation by sending few emails frequently to some contacts for 2-3 weeks.

5.  Blacklist status                                                                                                     It is very important to check if your domain is in a blacklisted database. If suddenly, a large number of emails are left unopened then probably you have been added to the blacklist. There can be chances that you have mailed a spam trap. Such situations result in a high decrease in sender reputation.

6.  Unsubscription Performance                                                                                 If you have more unsubscriptions after your email campaign, then ultimately your sender reputation is affected. If you send relevant content to subscribers who are expecting emails from you, your unsubscribe rate will be low.

7.  Spam Trap
​If deliberately or by chance, you have mailed to a spam trap or are offended by ISPs for several factors then it will downgrade your sender reputation defectively. This would result in your email being blocked or redirected to the spam folder.

What other factors can you think of that affects sender reputation?
Kindly share in the comment box below.


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