Essential Questions to Choose an Effective Email Marketing Service Provider

Email Marketing Service Provider

Finding new customers and marketing to existing ones, then email has proven its effectiveness than social media. Acquiring new customers via email marketing has quadrupled in last 4 years and now comprises some 7.5 percent of all gained customers, according to a recent report from Custora, a New York City-based marketing analytics firm.

If your business isn’t effective enough in getting most of the email marketing yet, you could be missing out on attracting new customers. There are many relatively affordable and user-friendly email marketing services available to help you create (Design), test, send and track (analytics) your email campaigns. But the question is which one is right for your company?

Here are 10 key questions to ask when searching for an email marketing service provider:

1. What does my company want to achieve through email marketing?

If you have the clarity on the targets you want to hit out of the Email Marketing Campaigns you are intended to do, happens to be very helpful for you to choose an effective email marketing solution provider. As you are having the clarity on what exactly you want to achieve you can easily quote this before the one you are evaluating for email marketing solutions.
If you are an ecommerce company (online bricks and mortar store) looking to boost up your most of the sales through email marketing then is the one happens to be the best choice for you as the email marketing experts at here catering ecommerce company since last 5 years or if you a media company want to shoot newsletters on a regular intervals to your subscribers then the expertise lies in here.
2. What are the costs?
Pricing is generally billed monthly and is proportionate to the total number of email subscribers you have Prices typically range between $8 and $14 per month for 500 contacts, $16 to $32 per month for 2,500 contacts and $89 and $300 per month for 25,000 contacts. Most providers do not let you send an unlimited number of emails per month, but a few let you, so you’ll want to double-check. You can explore this here
There are many email marketing providers who give you a free trial for a limited period and contacts as well often lasted 30 days to 45 days. There is only one email marketing provider named who allows you to send 10,000 emails per month to 2500 contacts.

3. How can I encourage peolpe to sign up for my company’s emails?

Asking customers directly at the time when they are making the purchase would be the best or simply ask them to sign-up whenever you are interacting in-person or on the phone. Most email marketing providers are competent at the job will allow you to upload your email address lists directly from your own databases. To capture more email subscribers over time, choose a provider that offers customized email signup forms that you can incorporate into your company website and Facebook page.

4. Should I design my emails using a template or pay for a custom design?

Most of the better-known services, like and few others offer wide selections of free, professionally-designed templates to choose from that often don’t require HTML to customize with your company’s logos and colors.

5. Do I need help planning my email campaign strategy? 

If you need a support in getting your first email campaign off the ground, or you’re looking to build a focused, long-term email campaign strategy, select a provider that offers professional campaign consulting services. These include: iContact, and few others to Custom campaign strategy services come at the added cost, which is often only shared by contacting the provider.

6. How can I be sure my emails will appear properly no matter what device or platform people view them on? 

As you know your audience will be reading your emails from a variety of devices — laptops, smartphones, and tablets — and from several different email services. To get the responsiveness in your emails (proper alignment of the images and text in all the devices), choose an email marketing provider that allows you to preview what each of your email campaigns will look like in the email clients and on the devices your subscribers most commonly use.

7. How do I choose the images I use? 

When it comes to what types of images to use, choose crisp, visually-compelling images that describe rightly your brand story. You’ll also want to showcase the products or services you’re promoting. Make sure your subscribers should pay attention to your emails that have to be actionable attention that features playful photos of your latest offerings with links to where to buy each item on their main website.

8. What types of analytics will measure the effectiveness of my campaigns? 

Most email marketing providers provide free, self-service analytics and reporting tools. These tell you how many people are opening your emails, which links they’re clicking on and how many emails they forward to others.

They should also let you view how many people unsubscribed and how many email addresses weren’t valid, plus how many emails weren’t delivered and why. Tracking which emails are most engaging and most often shared can help you learn which types of content best resonate with your subscribers like

Hence, above are the 8 essential questions to be asked before you choose an Email Marketing Service provider which leads to leveraging the one (email marketing service provider) which could fetch you the value and make you achieve your objectives out of the email marketing campaigns.


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