Email Subject Line Which Should Be Avoided


Subject line so difficult to write, yet very important for the success of an email campaign.

There can either be a good or a bad subject line. Good subject line are those which inspires/convince readers to open the mail. The purpose behind it is to make your contacts believe that every email will be worth their time and to get high click rates which could eventually turn readers into customers but in order to achieve this you first need to convince them to open the messages.

Bad subject lines are annoying, deceiving and boring. Bad subject line could lead your mail to recycle bin or even rack up the unsubscribes.


Let’s explore what could make any subject line a bad subject line.

  • Using all the caps for the entire subject line: For you it can be a way to show the importance of the email but in actual it looks like you are shouting or screaming on the readers.
  • Re: Re: Re: Fwd: Re: Fwd: It’s a fake reply and a tactic to trick reader into thinking  that someone is getting back to them about something they wanted to hear about. Sure,you got your email open, but you also succeeded in annoying the reader enough to unsubscribe or worse, click to report spam.                                                                     
  • Grammar and spelling mistake: Unless they are intentional for humor purposes otherwise it cannot go unnoticed. One can prevent  this  by using spell check; asking at least one other person to proof the entire email including the subject line.                       
  • Pleading subject line: Subject line like “Open me!” “URGENT” or “Please Read” are big spam triggers and big turnoffs for some people, it can be annoying or boring and can discourage readers to open your email.                                                                        
  • Too many emojis: Anything in excess can cause negative result. Using of emojis is no doubt attractive and catchy but one should not use it too frequently.                              
  • “From” in subject line: Usually ‘From’ is either be a company name or a person name. There is no need to mention this in the subject line because you would already mention it at the end of your message. Repetition is not good.                                                    
  • Too many punctuation marks!!!!!!??: One exclamation mark or question mark is enough for the purpose it has been used. Most of the people think that it look cool but in reality it doesn’t in fact it seems as if you don’t remember proper punctuation rules.        
  • Deceiving subject line: Subject line is different from the message or you are saying different thing in subject line and content is different. For example in subject line you are offering flat 75% discount and below in the content it is up to 75%. It is illegal to mention false or misleading information in subject line.                                                 
  • Too lengthy: Subject line should be short, simple and accurate to the point. No need to write too many thing in subject line it otherwise it become redundant, this can be done in body of the massage.                                                                                              
  • Creating fake sense of urgency: Use of word such as “urgent,” “need your revert as soon as possible,” “exclusive,” “revolutionary,” doesn’t make you gain anything. These all are treated as spam words. If person open your mail and if there  isn’t really urgent or as mentioned in subject line they would be disappointed.

There is no absolute subject lines will work in every email, just avoid words that are indicators of spam, analyze words which leads to increase open and click rates and then craft subject line accordingly.


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