Email Marketing Trends Review in 2016

2016 is about to end and the Email Marketing Platform has grown rapidly. Technology advancement has helped to put email back in the centre as before for marketing. Many new trends were also released to grow Email Marketing Strategy in 2016. As we are all excited for the upcoming year 2017, let us have a look for Email Marketing trends released in 2016 so that you can hit the ground running in 2017.

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I am sharing these email trends which accelerated Email Marketing more.


1)  Automated Campaigns

As Marketing Automation goes up, Email Marketing became more easier. Infact, the first feature that marketers look in an ESP is automated campaigns. Automated campaigns has reduced work load of marketers as they can schedule their campaigns, send welcome email to subscribers instantly and many others. 2016 showed best trigger points for automation and high intent of conversion which happened with reasonable frequency.

2)  Video support is back

With iOS 10, as it came support for HTML5 videos and therefore enabling email marketers to embed videos in their emails. It helps make their emails graphically effective. But there are few limitations like only Apple mail can only play it fullscreen. Videos are highly effective way for increasing engagements.

  3)  Gmail became responsive

Well after the announcement that Gmail would support CSS media queries like emails creation with responsive design and need for inline CSS, the industry got more thrilled.  From a design perspective, marketers can now style content to provide an optimal mobile experience for a much larger audience. From a development perspective, emails are easier and faster to code.


4)  iOS 10 added an unsubscribe button

The release of Apple’s new operating system version, iOS 10, has an inbuilt unsubscribe button with it at the top of the screen, making it more easier  for recipients to unsubscribe.

5)  GIFs on GIFs

Animated GIFs looks trendy, isn’t it? With video embedding, even GIFs embedding came into existence. GIFs looks cool. You don’t need to hard press and load for buffering in an GIF. It is like already playing video with short and simple meaning. It is basically a technique to reduce the file size without degrading the visual quality. It is well-suited for simpler images such as graphics or logos with solid areas of color.


6)  Big industry changes: Microsoft outlook + Litmus partnership

In August 2016, Litmus and Microsoft announced they were teaming up to improve their email for thousands of marketers. This partnership will help them to recognize the flaws and bugs and then later announce improvements and fixes to the community.


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