Email Marketing Tips and Tricks to Increase Engagement

Email Marketing Tips and Tricks

Many of the SMB owners are sick of the ineffective results out of the email marketing campaigns they do, every time you do email marketing with a hope of getting positive results but eventually happens something which you were scared of, you get not more than 2 or 3 percent open rate, and worst click-through rates. Therefore, what steps should you take to get at least a good percentage of open rates and click-through rates?

Well, you’ll definitely find the answer in this article, Email marketing experts at Sales-Push.Com have identified the tips and tricks which happens to be the best to increase the engagement with the audience you target while shooting an email campaign.

So let’s just get started to discuss the mantra of result oriented, cost effective and perfectly measurable email marketing:

1. Highlight the important parts of the email to draw the audience’s attention:

The email which you sent out has been a short and readable, so that for your audience it happens to be an attractable email to read as well as highlight and bold the important parts especially ‘call for action’ button like ‘Sign-up here’ or ‘Register now’. Should be visible enough which can easily grab the attention; use a call-to-action button that stands out from the rest of the email. Bold keywords in your email to contrast the words and draw the eye. Do not CAPITALIZE the words as it’s annoying, Spammy, and the same thing can be accomplished by bolding.
Doing so lead to increased open rate and click through rate out of the email marketing campaign you do.

2. Offer a supplementary peace of content:

When a person takes an action on your email or he/she giving email id that means they are permitting you to promote your business by sending them emails. While sending out emails to the once you have got the permission from to further market them, take the advantage out of the permission which they have given you. Add some additional piece of content in your email; this will lead to increase the possibility of getting click-through in at least one of the additional links from them.

3. Add Click-to-Tweet:

Increasing your engagement rate could be as simple as including a click-to-tweet in your emails. This will get the word out about your content easier and faster because it’s making it easy for your subscribers to share your valuable content. This isn’t just for blog posts but really for anything in your online marketing strategy.

  • Get people to share your content and encourage their social networks.
  • Get them to have a discussion on your new product, business or CRS activities this happens to be the best to spread the awareness.
  • Get them to share the articles of your blog

4. Link posted at the Top of the Email increases the effectiveness:

Whatever you are promoting through email marketing, whether it is promoting a new product or an article of your blog make sure the link of the same should be visible in the first 4-5 lines in the email body. This will increase the chances of them getting the link clicked by the subscribers moreover it makes easy if they’re already hooked by your subject line, to click-through on your offer, as nobody wants to go through from an entire email.
Find the below example which will fetch you a better understanding of the same:Hi there,Is your email engagement not as awesome as you want it to be? Here are 9 email hacks you can use to boost it.
You can read it here: [link to article]

In this article, I’ll be going over some of the things I’ve done in my emails to increase engagement, including:
o    Adding a click-to-tweet so recipients can easily share your content
o    Offering an additional piece of content to move recipients down the sales funnel
o    Making it easy for recipients to easily skim your email through the use of lists and contrast
o    +MORE

If you want some more advanced tips to be sure to check out: [link to a more advanced but relevant article you’ve written].


[your name]

5. Tell and Guide someone to do something:

Including a call-to-action on your emails is what going to get you click-through. The email you send can include a series of mini CTAs that guide the recipient towards your overall end goal.

For example, let’s say that you were trying to get someone to download the email-gated content they requested:

  • You’d start by stating in the subject line that action is required by saying “Action required!”
  • Next, you’d go on to compliment my recipients by saying that they’ve made a smart move by requesting this ebook, whitepaper or report (anything email-gated). This gets them excited about the offer and thinking something along the lines of “Yes, I am a smart person and I did make the right move.”
  • Include a call-to-action button that stands out from the rest of the page and has the actionable copy. Something like, “Get My Ebook.”
  • Finally, let them know when they’ve scrolled too far down the page. Something like, “Click the button above” or “You’ve gone too far, scroll up one inch and try again.”

6. Make your Video:

Videos are highly popular at the moment. The thing is, simply showing the video in a still frame or sharing a link to the video isn’t going to be as appealing as the video itself.
But how do you get people to click on it? There are tools available that allow you to turn your video into a short gif. Let’s say you have a 3-minute video, take 10-15 seconds worth of video in which you move around a lot. The gif will play without sound but will be more eye-catching and encourage people to check out the video.

7. Link your Images:

Including linked images to a site of your choosing is a sure-fire way to increase engagement within your emails.
When you link an image you have the chance to include alt text in your email’s code. Most standard marketers will either ignore this option or simply repeat the subject line, article title, or what the image is.
Smart marketers, like you, include marketing messages or encourage email recipients to click on your CTA.
This is how you stand out from the crowd people.

8. Create Urgency through Last Chance Email:

The last chance email is a doozie. It’s that crucial email right before a particular action, step, or offer expires.
You’re telling your email recipients “this is your last chance to complete some action before something bad happens.”The something bad could be anything from missing out on an event to having your subscription expire or having a price go up!
Sending the last chance email will not only increase the chance of engagement but will also encourage people to stick with you as a customer for a bit longer.

9. Make it so impeccable no one has been before:

Every morning you wake and check your emails you find dozens of promotional email which actually no creativity it’s like just thrown to you.

Your email should be standing out from the rest of the promotional emails in the inbox of your target audience in order to achieve high engagement level with your audience. Below are some guidelines to make your email campaign effective and how it should stand out in the noise of competitions.

  • Try implementing an animated template.
  • Include background images or gifs. 
  • Be an out of the ordinary wordsmith.
Hence, keeping in mind all the above 9 tricks at the time of execution of an Email Marketing Campaign will lead to enhancing the level of engagement with your audience and subsequently achieved targets of your business.


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