Email marketing objectives



Email marketing objectives are statements that identify targets that should be achieved through electronic media communication efforts that may include such items as product sales, brand recognition, and customer engagement level.

Marketing objectives for email marketing which may include a direct sales, product awareness, brand recognition, list building, and relationship building.

  • Direct Sales Objective – Send an offer and generate orders. How many orders and sales revenue are generated per email campaign.
  • Web site traffic – Get people to visit your web pages.
  • Brand and Product Awareness – Alert people of the availability of products or services that they may want or need.
  • Sales Leads – Capture names and identify people that are qualified candidates for sales efforts. This may include gathering additional information for existing lists to help sales efforts.
  • Reduced Marketing Costs – Email marketing is not FREE, But it can cost much less to generate sales and leads than other marketing programs. This includes reduced media cost, mailing (transmission) cost, and response process.
  • Relationship Building – Keeping your name or products fresh in the minds of people.

Email Marketing Objectives should be much more than product sales. The goal should be to build a qualified list that has receptive people.


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