Email Marketing Key Strategies for the Year 2017

Email Marketing Key Strategies


Email Marketing has not just emerged as the workhorse behind the success of digital marketing trends but also a primary force that is increasing the conversion rates to commendable levels. As email is one of the primary activities performed on smartphones, so Email marketing has now become fundamental to the mobile marketing strategies. 2016 taught us a lot about how to get maximum ROI through running email marketing campaigns.

With the help of statistics and analytical results from the past 2016, we can predict the trends that email marketing is most likely to follow in 2017.

Let us have a look…

1.  More Focus on the Aspects of Automation

Emerging technologies will help the marketers to easily connect with products and apps. This helps to use emails more creatively and effectively. And the best benefits of using this emerging technology, automation, is that it can make the whole process much more well-timed, which turns the overall conversation more appealing and relevant to the target audience.

2.  Superior Segmentation and Targeting

Superior segmentation is expected in 2017. What time of the day do your subscribers generally open the email, what types of email do they open etc. are to be considered. This data will help you segment better and more customer engagement can be achieved.

3.  Mobile optimization for optimal emails

According to research, 56% of emails are opened in mobile devices. And this ratio may increase in 2017 as smartphones are hot source for checking emails. Maximum of the recipients delete emails from their mobile devices if they does not appear clearly. So supporting responsive designs must be the utmost priority for email marketers especially for mobile devices. The content, CTA button and images must also be made keeping in mind the mobile interface. CTA buttons must be easy to click.

4.  More interactive email design: GIFs + videos

Animated GIFs go beyond to deliver powerful animations. Gradually, every email client must be supporting GIFs to make emails more interactive and appealing. Although videos are not supported by much ESPs, but it is all set to come back in 2017. Thanks to Apple’s iOS10 supporting videos in email.

5.  Measure your success differently

Start closing the gap between measuring marketing campaigns and tracking business results. You must go through the entire customer lifecycle which will lead to more engaging campaigns and better results. Analyze what is liked by the subscribers and what is not, which template works the best etc. Always get a complete picture of successful campaigns.

6.  Lead your way with customer behaviour

The successful key for marketers is to get closer to their customers, track their behavior and engage one-to-one communications in store or on website. This will get you personalized with the customers and will help you to get a close look. Plan and strategize your next email marketing campaign according to customer’s choice and behavior.

7.  Teamwork will make the dream work

Do not populate your team but instead qualitize your team. Team is your strength and you must have a worthy team. Teamwork is the oil that makes the teamwork. It can enable smoother movement towards targets, can prolong forward momentum, and can help teams to overcome obstacles. In fact, the benefits to be gained from teamwork are essential for the effective management of resources.