Email Marketing Guidelines ( Compulsories And Forbidden)

Email Marketing Guidelines

Email is one of the best channels for sales and marketing, according to a survey 58% of people open their email before doing any other online activity at the start of their day.

Near about 205 billion emails are sent every day, the importance of email is increasing day by day. Business knows if one wants to get success in the business one must take care of certain thing regarding email marketing or you can say pros and cons (do’s and don’ts) of email marketing.

Let’s take a look on some do’s and don’ts of email marketing.


Do’s Don’ts
  • Create, maintain and grow your email list in a right and the proper way by using a sign-up form that requires people to turn into a subscriber by opt-in to get emails.
  • Buying an email list, these lists are not quality list. In this both you and member of the list don’t know each other they don’t subscribe your email, this can impact your domain and brand.
  • Once any person subscribes your email, immediately send him/her a welcome email this make subscriber feel important and engaged.
  • No welcome note to your new subscriber can be little disheartening for your subscriber. You are the one who has to take the first step to start communication.
  • Segment your subscribers’ list on the certain ground like on the basis of geographical area, their buying preferences, etc.
  • Sending the same email to every subscriber of your list, it might be possible sent email is not relevant for some people and they feel annoying after reading, it can lead to unsubscription or mail marked as spam which will affect your domain.
  • Never ever send an email which tends to hurt subscribers sentiments like email on caste and religion, sensitive issues and more.
  • Break the spam laws, like using false information in your email, use of spam words, email without a postal address, etc.
  • Use analyst report to improve future email campaign.
  • Ignore your email marketing report which includes bounce rate, email marked as spam, mail which deleted after opening or without open.
  • Send emails based on the time when it most likely to get open generally based on subscribers preferable time.
  • Send your email without testing, doing this can cause you harm because you would not know how do your emails look when your prospects or customers receive them? Does the design look the way it’s supposed to? Do all the links work properly? These are all things you need to double check before sending your emails to prospects, and in order to do that, you need to send test emails.
  • Check each and every small detail of an email to make sure there is no mistake before hitting the send button.
  • Sending of generic email which does not address any specific person or group.
  • Personalized emails have more chance to get open, so get personal
  • Send email to all subscriber at the same time or in odd hours.
  • Add attractive preheader in your email, this encourages readers to open the mail.
  • Missing of preheader or sub-headline.
  • Make it easy for your subscribers to opt-out from your email list.
  • Missing of unsubscription link, from where a subscriber can easily unsubscribe your email.



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